Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

North Fork Yuba River Fishing Report ~ Formicidae

Conditions remain the same as last week’s report. The weather in the past week among the high country has been cool in the mornings, and very warm in the afternoons, and because of such, I’m still guiding trips in the upper watershed. Fishing has been great with dry flies and the wild rainbows are still crushing the sunken ant dropper with reckless abandon.  

Fishing pressure is extremely low during the week days; yesterday my guests and I were the only ones out making presentations on the entire river, pretty rare for Northern California. Water temperatures were 55 degrees at 9am, climbing to 60 degrees by 2pm. The water levels are still very low and it’s important to concentrate on the deeper pockets and plunge pools. 

As we creep into fall remember that the trout’s window of feeding time changes. During their summer rhythms they tend to feed in the mornings and evenings, they are now adjusting to the middle of the day during the warmest time. Creature comforts pertain to all animals.

Some springs from the subterranean world have greatly diminished, while others keep pumping out crystal clear cold flows into the North Fork Yuba River. We keep wishing for rain and snow, and hopefully we'll see it soon. Trees are dying, and the aquifers need to be replenished. We are at a critical condition. Mother Earth has her own way of doing things, especially when it comes to weather, nothing is the same and set in stone, rather she is constantly revolving with climate change. Man has left his carbon footprint in the last 100 years, one that has ultimately changed life forever. 

Aquatic insect hatches have remained the same, Pseudocloeon mayflies are still performing a massive spinner fall in the late mornings. Caddis are becoming more active with several species lofting about including the false October caddis. I have yet to see any evidence of the true October caddis, but it’s only a matter of time. During the middle of the day terrestrials still dominate the menu, it’s all about those black ants. For those of you who are new to fly fishing, the North Fork Yuba is the best river to learn the craft, if you can’t make a trip this season, make a plan to fish it next summer. You will not be disappointed, and will learn so much.

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