Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Thursday, September 3, 2015

North Fork Yuba River Report ~ Lily has so much game!

Not too many changes from my last report, but the lower river is turning on. The spinner fall is beyond belief, so many mayflies, it’s absolutely unbelievable. I had a trip last week that really puts things into perspective. Meet Lily, a nine year old little girl that rock climbs, rides moto, and pretty much dominates any of the above. She picked up so quickly on the finer aspects of fly fishing in no time. So cool to witness!

For all your needs for the North Fork Yuba, including flies and everything else, see Reel Anglers Fly Shop in Grass Valley, Tom Page is the leading authority on the river, and a great source of info!

Ken Hanley and I have indulged in another project, the toughest one to master; carp. It’s beyond words, and the Middle Fork Feather species is so hard to concur. They are so smart and elusive. Puts the Truckee River species to shame. Back at it in the am, so addictive! Take care, and see you on the water.

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