Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lower Yuba River Fishing Report 1/17/16

The parade of storms just keeps on marching through and we are in for it this week. Currently we have heavy rain in Nevada City which is supposed to last through tomorrow. For a complete forecast for the Lower Yuba River in the next week, click here. I've been out very little but was able to scout around a few days ago when we had a little break in the rain. I was surprised at how little the fishing pressure was at the area I was lurking in. Currently Englebright dam is releasing 576 cubes, and Deer Creek has been yoyoing up and down from 125 to 443 cfs. Conditions will be very different at the end of the week in all aspects of levels, color, and flow. *My how things can change quickly, currently at 8am this morning on the 18th Englebright is at 7,058 cfs, and Deer Creek is running at 3,130 cfs. That's a combined flow of 10,188 cubes - Blown!

I have two reliable reports from my crew that there is a small population of Skwala stoneflies out and seeking shelter under the cobble, staying out of the weather. There must be some females on the water already ovipositing because they have been catching rainbows on skwala dries. For the two days they were on the water they got into 4 to 6 fish each. It's early for the hatch with these colder conditions, but as soon as that sun pops out for a few days it will get those stoners on the move. There has also been some sporadic blue wing olive hatches, and Tom Page of Reel Anglers fly shop stated on the Denis Peirce radio show that there are some pinkie mayflies in the mix too.

Overall fishing has improved but still one day is good and the next just fair, typical of the moody Lower Yuba River. Effective flies have been Jimmy Legs stones, Hogan's S&M, Copper Johns, Flashback Pheasant Tails, San Juan worms, and 8 to 10mm eggs. For dries the Sparkle Comparadun has been consistently producing. This week is a good time to tie some flies and stock the boxes with a hope of a break to cure the shack nasties. I've updated my website with current news and some new content. Click the logo text below to check it out. 

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