Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Openings For Tours & Workshops With Lance Gray & Company

For 2016 Lance and I have a number of Tours and Workshops available for the fly fishing community to participate in. February and the early part of March are two big months for us and I just wanted to make everyone aware of the status of these dates. Our 2/6/16 Lower Yuba Tour is booked, and the 2/20/16 tour is now booked as well. The Tour consists of 6 anglers with Lance and me instructing and guiding on the water. We'll show you the different access areas, fishing techniques including nymphing, dry flies, and swinging, reading water, casting, and how to stalk wary rainbows during the skwala hatch when they're on the side water. The Tour includes informative handouts, the best map of the Lower Yuba River out there, and a streamside lunch. Besides learning a great deal, you'll be in a social setting meeting other anglers just like you whose life revolves around fly fishing. Expansive knowledge is shared during these tours, and something we all yearn for while deciphering the currents. Our fly fishing symposium is booked for 2/21/16, as is our Lower Yuba River Tour on the 26th.

A 30" brown taken on a streamer by Chris Maher of Maher's Guide Service photo by Justin Andereson

March 5th Lance and I are offering a streamer clinic on the Lower Yuba River. This is your chance to learn how to huck the meat and potato fly patterns that allure Mr. Big into grabbing your offering. Techniques, patterns, lines, leader construction, areas to target, and inside clues will be covered. Handouts and a streamside lunch are included. Like steelheading, you may have to make hundreds of casts, but when you get a grab with fishing big streamers, it could be a fish of a lifetime. 4 spots are open at this time. 

March 6th brings another one of our Pontoon Workshops on the Lower Yuba River. You'll learn how to safely navigate and operate a pontoon boat on moving water, and the best way to set up your boat including carrying your rod, dry bag storage, proper inflation of bladders, oar specifications, and anchor systems. Also included in the pontoon workshop is basic paddling strokes, pivots, and how to move from one side of the river to the other. You'll also learn techniques like feathering your oars, back strokes, forward strokes, jogging, scissor pivots, one oar pivots, slowing down your speed, tackling rapids, avoiding obstacles, and setting up your boat.

All these vacant spots can be filled by contacting Lance Gray at Lance Gray & Company, or myself at Baiocchi's Troutfitters. Here is your opportunity to expand your horizon on the many different disciplines of fly fishing. I hope you can join us in these fantastic future programs!

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