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Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Product Review ~ EEKOE Bamboo Socks

When it comes to the simple pleasures in life, there is one item I cannot live without; quality socks. I fully admit to having a sock fetish. When I first heard about EEKOE socks I simply bypassed it as just another sock with fancy graphics. But after researching the product more I found that many of my colleagues from my past professional snowboard days were using and backing the EEKOE brand. In fact they support many action sport based athletes who live on the cusp of pushing the boundaries of their preferred sport. I relish the opportunity to seek outside the mainstream fly fishing industry and bring that product into the public’s eye as long as it is a high end quality item that anglers can use, and enhance their time on the water.

So I know you’re saying “a sock is just a sock, right”? Wrong, EEKOE socks go above any sock I have ever worn. First off, they are made of bamboo, a organic renewable material that increases durability, and comfort. The advantage of EEKOE bamboo socks are;

Temperature Management
·        Cooler feet in the heat.
·        Warmer feet in the cool.

Dry Feet / Moisture Wicking
·        Pulls sweat and moisture away from your feet throughout the day.
·        Leaving you with your feet dry ALL Day, even amidst athletic or strenuous activities.

Comfort & Durability
·        Bamboo is the softest most comfortable fabric you will ever wear on your feet.
·        Bamboo is also the strongest and most durable fabric you will ever put on your feet.

Odor Eliminating
·        Able to withstand the stink with 5+ days in each pair.
·        If aired out at night instead of thrown into a corner, as much as 10 + days.
·        Bottom line - ODOR FREE.

Allergy reduced
·        Naturally smooth fiber properties are non-irritating to the skin.

UV protection
·        Bamboo naturally provides added protection against the sun's harmful UV rays.

I have been testing these socks everyday for the past month and they have exceeded my expectations. They are perfect for the demands that we fly anglers need when out in field chasing game fish for endless hours. You’ll have to try a pair on to see for yourself. There are many different models in the line to choose from depending on your needs. Check out their website here http://www.eekoe.com/ to learn more about the best socks on earth. 

EEKOE for life!

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