Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Monday, May 16, 2016

Giving Back To The Lower Yuba River ~ SYRCL Hammon Bar Riparian Project

Last week I got an email from my local fly fishing club Gold Country Fly Fishers on a opportunity to give back to Yuba river by volunteering my time with SYRCL - South Yuba River Citizens League. SYRCL planted pods of cottonwoods, red willows, goodding's willows, and arroyo willows in 2011 on the Hammon Bar for salmonids on the Lower Yuba river. The native plants that were planted deeply in the Yuba goldfields help native fish by trapping woody debris, and collecting silt for a better environment.

I have seen SYRCL's work in past while guiding the river, and have always wondered what the color coded stumps of these plants was all about. I learned much today. Arroyo willows were the most prolific, with red willows, and Goodding's Willows coming in at a very close tie. Cottonwoods seemed to be the most affected by the lack of water of our last 4 years of drought. It was such an awesome day to give back, and meet new people who have a passion for the great outdoors like I have.

Volunteers are still needed for the remaining days of the project collecting data, if your interested please contact Cordi Craig at the SYRCL office at 530.265.5961. Thanks to all those that have and will be donating their time on this very important project, and a big special thanks to Cordi for being a fearless team leader and educating us all!

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