Winter Edition

Winter Edition
Winter Edition

Friday, May 6, 2016

Northern Sierra Fishing Report ~ Truckee River ~ Lake Davis ~ Middle Fork Feather River

The Truckee River has been fishing very well from the Glenshire area down through the canyon. Flows were down last week, and currently they have come up. 700 cubes in the Glenshire stretch, and 900 - 1,000 cfs in the lower canyon. Fish are scattered and can be found in pocket water, pools, tail outs, and skinny side water. Aquatics in the mix include baetis and march brown mayflies, golden stones are starting to get active and are pre staging in the side water awaiting emergence. The go to flies stay the same with worms and small flashy baetis nymphs. The water is still cold at 48 to 52 degrees, the fish of the Truckee River respond to flies better at these temps than other fish in different watersheds. Stick and move, cover water, and get some.

Lake Davis was pretty damn good this week, in fact for my guests and I it turned on practically overnight. The big news is that there were really good hatches of blood midges, and Callibaetis mayflies. Blood midges are big right now in sizes #10-12, and the Callibaetis are a size 14, the duns are very dark in color too. Water temps are 50-53 degrees, water clarity is way off but typical for spring with run off. Indo rigs and stripping are working well. Gold ribbed hare's ear nymph, and the Albino Wino has had the best results. The highlight of our trip on Tuesday was Mike"s 23" 4 pound bow that made several lighting fast runs with aerial displays. He kept his cool and got the fish in the net. It was so exciting for everyone on board. Look for conditions to improve on a weekly basis as we head into June.

The Middle Fork Feather is absolutely beautiful right now with rich greenery lining its banks. Water temps are still too cold for good fishing and are currently running at 48 to 50 degrees. Bait anglers are picking up a few fish but until the water temps rise, fishing with flies is not good. I expect the river to turn on at the end of the month, and after the bulk off run off has deceased.

The current weather is cold and wet, but I heard we are supposed to have a hot summer. No matter the conditions, get out there and experience Northern California's excellent trout waters. Be that native...

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