Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Lower Yuba River Update ~ High Flows & Big Water

Well, I was a day off when the big water would hit, but it did in a huge way this afternoon! The river topped out 25,149 cubes, Deer Creek reached 5,130 cfs, and the water was spilling over Englebright dam. Pretty serious conditions. Water levels are slowly dropping at this time.We have a break on Sunday and Monday, then another system hitting late Monday evening with heavy rain through Thursday. We won't be fishing on the Yuba anytime soon, and your time tying flies will be better spent. With the high flows we'll see some changes to the river bed as we did this past winter, but at what extent won't be revealed until the flows come down, and the water clears. Northern California is truly the land of extremes.

Deer Creek 12/10/2017

Englebright Dam Spilling Over 12/10/2017

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