Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Lower Yuba Fly Fishing Report 11/4/2018

Warm days and cool nights have been the norm on the Lower Yuba River, and the fishing has been pretty good, especially the dry fly fishing. The flows were bumped up to 1,470 cubes last week and with the added flow along with a full moon phase it attracted more salmon up the river having a dramatic effect. Currently the river is flowing at 967 cfs, and the water is very clear. Until YCWA jacked the flows up the salmon return this year was at a all time historic low, it will be interesting to see the final tally of numbers come January 1st. Flow regimes and loss of habitat (spawning gravel) have had a severe impact on the Lower Yuba River.

Hatches are most active from 9am to 2pm with the Mohogany duns being the most prolific, they are the first to hatch. A few hours later the Blue Wing Olives come off, and an overlapping masking hatch of the Pinkie mayfly. If you stay late the last hour of sunlight provides a good caddis grab, the caddis are a size 16 and have an olive body with dark smokey wings. Nymphing - Eggs, stones, worms, and small dark and flashy may fly nymphs have been very effective. Swinging has picked up in the last couple of days now that there are salmon fry and alevins in the system. Like I said the dry fly fishing has been pretty good, but on the flat water stretches it has been extremely challenging. Longer casts with fly first presentations and the right fly will definitely give you an edge. If fishing from the bank, being stealthy and keeping a low profile goes a long way. Dry/Dropper rigs are great when you are searching with no rising targets.

Fishing pressure has increased due to good reports and the time of year. Salmon = eggs = hookups. Enjoy the beautiful weather and get out on the Lower Yuba River asap. If your looking to increase your skill set, and learn more about the river do not hesitate in contacting me for a trip. 530.228.0487 /

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