Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fishing Report - Jamison creek

I ventured into the canyon of Jamison creek today with my trout dog Madison and fished for wild rainbows 4"-12". Jamison creek is in Plumas Eureka State Park and provides cold water to the Middle Fork Feather river in the summer months. This is a gnarly hike, and the cuts and scratches on my legs are proof of that! I parked my truck at the bridge, and got a ride back to the start point of lake Madora and dropped in. Arriving on the creek I was welcomed by Scarlet Monkey flowers, Seep Spring Monkey flowers, Leopard Lillys, and Water Ouzels diving in the currents for nymphs! The grand solitude of this creek makes it one of my favorites.

Fishing was good, the flows are a tad high but still very fishable. Water temps were right around 58 degrees, and no hatches to be seen. Cased caddis larva littered the stream bottom but I chose to fish my brown and tan foam hopper, I like this fly because it floats all day long and is very durable. Today the trout were just sipping in the hopper in a very slow take. The find of the day was a goldenrod spider or commonly known as the flower spider. These spiders are from the crab spider family and will climb flowers in search of prey. The coolest thing about them is that they can change color to match the flower they are on and camouflage themselves.

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