Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fishing Report - Lake Davis

I took my Dad and my trout dog Madison up to Lake Davis for some fun with our finned friends.  When we got on the water there was already some chop and a breeze out of the north west, and it was a cold wind.  Fog hovered over the water and was lifting into some magical plumes.  Water temps are 57-60 degrees.  The blood midge hatch that was so profuse last week was almost non existent today.  I think that north wind put them down, a few were seen at around 9:00am emerging.  The lake was quiet and not many anglers on the water.  I'll admit, it was slow today, maybe the full moon had something to do with it.  We C&R 13 fish in 4 hours trolling flies at a depth of 6 feet, and the rainbows measured 16-20 inches.  The north end of the lake proved to have more schools of active feeding fish.  The coolest thing we saw today was the huge flocks of Sand Hill cranes making their migration south to the central valley of California.  You can hear them before you can see them, and they are so high up they only appear as specks against the cobalt blue sky.  Waterfowl of all types are showing up at the lake as of late, and the Coot are really tearing up the weeds in certain bays.  I'll be back up at the lake in the morning and If I hook into a hog I will surely post a picture of it.  Fall is here - Let the games begin!

On a side note I have been featured in the fishing report for our local newspaper by Feather Publishing, The fishing report has been taken over by Michael Condon who is a long time fly fisherman from Plumas County, he is doing a great job and anglers are stoked on his accurate reports!  You can view it here;

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