Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Monday, September 6, 2010

Middle Fork Feather River Fishing Report

The Middle Fork Feather river is shifting into the great fall fishing it is known for.  Water temps are 55 degrees in the morning and rising to 64 degrees by evening.  There is a huge Blue Wing Olive spinner fall from 9 - 11am.  Spent patterns in a size 16 casted to rising fish will get results.  For mid day fishing, a hopper with a bead head flashback pheasant tail dropper is the ticket.  Wild rainbows 6-14" will take either fly.  The evening fishing is the best from 6pm till dark.  Pale Evening Duns in a size 14 is the fly to have on the end of your tippet.  There are also some fresh BWO duns, and Yellow Sallie stoneflies thrown in the mix as well.  Make sure you fish the last hour of light - It is the magic hour and many fish are coming to the surface, especially the tail outs of large pools.

I had the pleasure of sharing the river with Diane and Sig of the Bay Area last Wednesday and Thursday. The girls had a great time learning new tactics, and exploring the secluded runs and riffles the Middle Fork has to offer.  They also had good things to say about their stay at the 20 Mile House Bed and Breakfast - Check it out!  The Isonychia mayfly has yet to appear but it should be any day now, A hatch I really look forward to.  Now is a great time to get out on the MFFR and experience some dry fly heaven!

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