Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fishing Report: Lake Davis

The lake just keeps on filling up! Check out the Lighting Tree boat ramp above, it will be usable once the snow goes.

The fish are in post spawn mode now and hungry. The creeks at Mallard and Lighting Tree had no fish in or in front of them. Water temps ranged from 48-51 degrees. I found a decent pod of rainbows near the dam and in a hour and a half I hooked 8 landing 4, 17-20" - all clean. Used a bobber with a #10 blood midge pupa that was hanging 7 feet under. Today was the first day I have seen some decent hatches, blood midge (huge - size 10) and a pale creamy olive midge size 18. There were fish rising for these bugs. Lots of fly anglers out and the guys I talked to all caught some fish, but they were way more stoked on the water levels!

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