Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Midge Candy

Fishing midge pupa patterns is a basic standard on stillwaters, at some point during a trout's day they will be feeding on them near the bottom or foraging for them on top.  Tying midge pupas is a simple tie.  There are some key characteristics that a good pattern should have.  Size, profile, and neon lights.  Your pattern should be simple, and slim.  When it comes to color I have found that black, rust, brown, and dark olive to be the most effective.  I have been using clear beads with different colors underneath them since the mid 90's when I came out with my bubble head baetis fly.  I wrapped fine gold wire under the clear bead with amazing results.  My midge pupa patterns are no different but instead of gold wire I chose white glow in the dark thread.  When fished deep the head on this midge glows and brings in hungry fish like a magnet.  Midging does not have to be a pain in the ass, keep it simple and stay focused on every presentation.


-2x strong pupa hook #14-22.
-Clear bead with Uni Glow thread underneath.
-Thread: black, brown, rust, and dark olive 0/8 thread or color to match natural.
-Tail: Uni Glow thread, sparse.
-Body: Thread.
-Ribbing: Large gold wire.
-Wing: 3D Rainbow flash.
*When done coat the entire fly with "hard as nails" for a shiny and durable finish.

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