Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

After this weeks warm and sunny weather many of our spring visitors are showing up like these evening grosbeaks.  I'm a huge birder and this time of year is the best with males fighting over the ladies, laying down the law.  In the last week I've seen turkey vultures, purple finches, red wing blackbirds, brewers blackbirds, kingfishers, marsh wrens, sandhill cranes, spotted towees, and robins - a sure sign that spring is indeed here.

The Middle Fork Feather River opened today from the A-23 Bridge down to the Mohawk Bridge.  The river is really chugging water right now and it's going to be a while until it is in fishable shape.  Once the flows come down and water temps exceed the 55 degree mark, we will have game.  If I were to fish though it would be sinking lines and streamers stripped in the slow tail outs.  With all this snow in the mountains and plenty of water we will see a banner summer of excellent dry fly fishing in the evenings.

This was the scene on the South Yuba above Bridgeport last week, the wildflowers had just began to "pop".
As our lakes and rivers come into shape I will keep you all posted on the latest changes as it will effect our fishing - Tight Lines!

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