Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Middle Fork Feather River Fishing Report 5/28/14

So far this season the fishing has been fair with a few highlights of some nice sized rainbows up to 20". Already the upper river from Portola to Graeagle is very low with increasing water temps ranging from 63-71 degrees. Water levels look like the end of June! Most of the trout have migrated downstream to seek out colder water. Carp and smallmouth bass are in heaven right now in this section and the opportunities to seek them out are plenty. Aesthetics wise, the river is absolutely gorgeous with green grass glowing, and waving in the wind. Fishing pressure has been very light as well. The good news is it's all dry fly or dry/dropper fishing now, and fishing the last 2 hours of light is a must. Concentrate your efforts from Two Rivers and downstream to the Nelson Point area. Fishing early and late will be the norm until fall.

Aquatic insects are out in force including Caddis, Golden Stones, Salmon flies, PMDs, Yellow Sallies, Little Green Stones, and creamy Craneflies. Top dry flies that are producing the best are X-Caddis and E/C Caddis in amber, olive, tan, and cocoa brown size #14-18. Yellow Sally patterns #14-16 are getting lots of attention too, so make sure you have some in your box. Hoppers are out in small numbers and with this latest flurry of wind you just know they've been getting blown into the water. For nymphs think small ball. BH Prince nymphs, G6 Caddis, Copper Johns, and BH flashback pheasant tails #16-18 are excellent dropper flies that will catch fish. Right now is the time to fish the MFFR before it disappears before your eyes!

The Velvety Stick Seed Wildflower on the banks of the MFFR.

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