Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Native Sons Fly Fishing Tours 2014

The Native Sons Fly Fishing Tours are designed to give fly anglers all they need to know to be successful when venturing onto these waters. Tour days will consist of access points, equipment, tactics, techniques, flies, entomology, and local inside knowledge. 

Through our many years of guiding fly anglers in the Truckee and the Northern Sierra areas, both Frank Pisciotta and I have noticed a growing trend. Gaining knowledge of a fishery is more important than numbers of fish caught. Most of our experienced fly angling clients have either ventured to the area for the first time, or want a bit more familiarity with the local “wild trout” fisheries’ idiosyncracires and focusing on minimizing their “prospecting.” These fly anglers are concerned with four things they want to accomplish during their time on the Native Sons Fly Fishing Tours:

1-An orientation to access points of selected waters.
2-Most productive techniques.
3-Local bugs and their suggested fly patterns.
4-Optimum times to be on the water, seasonally.

Such bookings truly benefit the client, eliminating countless hours of learning the currents of these popular rivers which can take several trips before the angler feels comfortable about what to do in the area. Ideally, anglers engage our services early on during an extended stay, or an intended frequent visitor can use the tour’s plethora of info for further reference. Either way, precious angling time is saved and the client receives a steep learning curve of the area. The info dispensed is reliable and timely; and is ingrained from our combined 46 years of guiding fly anglers exclusively in our areas, and close to 90 years angling with a fly rod. For the client it is a worthwhile and cost-effective investment.

We have always tailored guide dates trips to the specific desires and skills sets of the individual client and plan our trips accordingly. Hence the genesis of Native Sons Tours; providing a group of experienced fly anglers a cost-effective means of “picking our brains” during a camaraderie experience.

The Tour covers all access points of the Big Truckee River from the town of Truckee to Hirschdale, and all of the access points on the Little Truckee River. You are required to use your own vehicle during the auto tour, entomology, flies, and rigging will be discussed afterwards. We then sit down for a delicious lunch which is provided. After lunch we wader up and split into two groups and go fishing, Frank and I will work with our guests on proper presentations, reading water, and everything in between; just like a normal guide trip. 

Included with the Tours is a very informative “Tour Packet” consisting of maps, pro tips, and entomology handouts for you to use in the future. A bonus is a print-out of Frank’s original Truckee & Little Truckee Tips. This is a great tour, highly informative, and fun! We encourage you to ask as many questions as you can so you walk away with a clear understanding of these legendary rivers. 

Price per angler: $200

Limited to six anglers per tour to ensure a high quality experience.

Dates for Tours in 2014

Wild & Scenic Middle Fork Feather – 
June 1st (Full)

Big and Little Truckee Rivers -
June 8th
July 12th  
(1 spot remains)

To reserve your spot, please contact Jon Baiocchi at 530.228.0487 / baiocchistroutfitters@yahoo.com

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