Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lake Davis Fishing Report 5/28/14

It's been a strange spring up at Lake Davis this year and with its 2014 track record, it's no surprise. Ice out the 3rd week of January, a drawn out spawn that never happened, and erratic warm and cold air temperatures left a lull that affected good fishing for the past month plus. I've received so many poor reports from competent still water anglers in the past few weeks that had them asking "What's up Jon?". The bugs have not been out in force as they should be, and strong powerful winds have made presentations very tough, let alone getting a good anchor set. The lake needs weed growth, which will provide more habitats for aquatic insects to flourish. Water temperatures are already high for this time of year, 60-66 degrees was recorded on the 25th-27th. Water clarity is way off, mostly due to the wind and the dropping lake levels exposing more soft mud on the banks. So far the damsel hatch has been slim but they are always in the system, a close friend did a stomach sample a few days ago which revealed nothing but damsels in one specimen. 

So far indicator fishing has produced the most numbers, whether you're presenting vertical rigs 3-6 feet down, or right off the bottom in 12 to 15 feet of water late in the day. The takes have been light, so anytime that bobber dips, give it a quick set. Fish are still a bit scattered but there are some heavier concentrations on the west side of the lake. Productive flies have been Albino Wino midge, Callibaetis soft hackles, Mahalo Blood Midge larva, Sheep Creek Specials, and Balanced Damsels. I would rate the fishing as fair and expect conditions to bust wide open in the next week to two weeks. I'm looking forward to some calmer days, glassy conditions, and gulping rise forms next to the bank. See you out there!

BTW - Looking for a quality place to eat while visiting Lake Davis? Check out The Feel Good Cafe in old town Portola where you'll find delicious custom dinners, salads, and desserts. I'm going back this weekend; So yummy!

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