Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Damsel Domination

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It's been months since I've been able to seriously fish a still water as my life has been busy beyond belief. It doesn't suck at all though and it makes me so happy, providing my guests with a perfect day on the water, and the rush of the hook up that results in a large trout. I like when they tremble after releasing the fish of a lifetime, the look on their face.

A day off, a stunning beautiful setting, damsels hatching, fish in the shallows, working birds, and aquatic weeds flourishing that give the lake life. It was perfect. It's been so long since I stalked the shallows with the keenest of vision looking for those freshwater sharks of Lake Davis. It's so intense, you're on edge and all senses are on high alert. Riser 11 o'clock, 20 feet out! In seconds I pick up and make a precise cast 5 feet in front of the wiley moving target. The big rainbow doesn't see it but rises again, I do it all over, keeping my poise, only this time the fish not only sees it, but races over to crush it. Wham! With the afterburners on, line begins disappearing around me at lightning speed, and instantly on the reel; There goes my backing! 

The battle was epic and in hand was a perfect rainbow with a metallic olive back, crisp clean lines, magnificent spots, and the brightest of Northern Sierra chrome. All 22.5 inches of it. Once again time stops, there is nothing but awe while gorgeous surroundings wrap around me. As I released it, I gave thanks for such an epic experience. It was pure joy.

Plying the waters and playing the game is so challenging, you got to have some serious game or a desire to learn and be humbled. A few fish handed me my ass, and reminded me (again) to check my knots and the intricate details of making the cast that counts. I could fish the damsel hatch for the rest of my life and not only be completely satisfied, but filled with the most awesome feeling I have ever felt while casting a fly rod. 

I plan to do just that. 

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