Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lower Yuba River High Flows 3/6/2016 ~ Round One

The first big event of the "Parade of Storms" came rushing down all the forks of the Yuba River last night creating another blowout. Englebright dam topped out at 17,502 cubes at 8am this morning. I drove down from Nevada City and took some pictures of the high flows. Hammon Grove and Sycamore Ranch were both closed from flooding, at Sycamore I could see the campground was under water.

At approximately 2am this morning, Deer Creek got as high as 5,410 cfs. The above picture shows the creek a little above 2,000 cfs. The highest amount of flow as recorded by the Parks Bar bridge real time station was 19,633 cubes at 8am today.

As I was making my way down Hammonton road on the south side of the river when I came upon this scene. Why anyone would camp next to the river during a strong storm that had forecasted warnings of the river rising is beyond me. I called Yuba Co. S.O. and notified them of the situation.

Hammonton Road blew out again at the wash out, nobody had tried to get through the fresh cuts when I got there. Equipment will be needed to smooth things out as they did before.

A short clip from the Aquarium to Miner's Corner

Round two just arrived here about an hour ago and already we've had periods of heavy rain. I'll be back out tomorrow to see the damage, and take some pictures. Batten down the hatches...

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