Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Upcoming Presentations ~ Lake Davis ~ Lower Yuba River

I have some upcoming Powerpoint presentations in April on Lake Davis, and the Lower Yuba River. On the 14th I will be at the Reno Fly Shop presenting my popular Lake Davis program. I will walk the audience around on a virtual tour explaining access areas, entomology, gear requirements, specialized techniques, tactics, and how the fly angler approaches the different seasons. Vibrant colorful photographs, maps, and diagrams give the audience clear and useful information for future trips at Lake Davis, located in Eastern Plumas County.

Insider tips and current information will also be shared like the new Hexagenia mayfly hatch at Lake Davis, and the increasing populations of snails that are making a comeback. Also covered will be all the details of the much anticipated Damselfly hatch in the spring and summer months. The biomass of the lake provides this fishery as one of the healthiest and most productive still waters in the North state of California. This is a must see for those attending who seek to learn more knowledge about Lake Davis located in beautiful Eastern Plumas County. The show starts at 7pm, for more information contact Jim at the shop 775.323.3474

On Wednesday the 20th I'll be at the Tracy Fly Fishers regular meeting presenting a double header program on the Lower Yuba River, and Lake Davis. I'll be sharing the same great information as mentioned above.

High in the Sierra Nevada mountains three watersheds and the rivers that drain from there come together to make one vast river; The Lower Yuba. Snowmelt and springs are the beginnings of the North, Middle, and South Forks of the Yuba, as gravity pulls the precious flows down to the Sacramento Valley. As the forks of Yuba come together they rest in Englebright reservoir, it’s below this flood/silt control dam where the Lower Yuba River is born; a tailwater fishery that is both complex and very moody. 

The river has an extremely rich aquatic insect population, strong wild rainbow trout, and Chinook salmon and steelhead. The lay of the land is the start of the Sierra foothills, with its rolling landscape, native grasses, valley oaks, and cobble stones for miles.

The Lower Yuba River is a must fly fishing experience. It’s a river that has all the essential qualities that makes it a top destination spot, and offers fly anglers many different opportunities to choose from. The highlight here is the winter dry fly fishing, where hunting heads and technical presentations reward the angler, whether it is stalking the banks, or drifting by boat. The Lower Yuba can be fished year round and is a destination spot for many fly anglers of the central valley, and the Bay Area to the greater Sierra region. For more information on the Tracy Fly Fishers meeting place click here;

I hope you can make one of these events, and I look forward to sharing the knowledge with you!

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