Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Friday, March 18, 2016

Reno Fly Shop Podcast w/ Jon Baiocchi ~ Episode 15

Listen to my latest take on the Lower Yuba River, Lake Davis, and the North Fork Yuba River.

"Jon and I cover a ton of detail on these three waterbodies.  Hatches, leader setups, time of year and best flow conditions. This is an episode you will most likely listen to over and over. I suggest you grab a notebook to take notes. Jon isn’t your typical western trout guide. He won’t spend a lot of time on your shoulder hollering ‘set! set! set!’ or ‘mend! mend! mend!’. He will share all of his knowledge on fly fishing techniques, tactics, flora, fauna and the biology of the surroundings. Most of all he accommodates his guests interests, and abilities to a great day on the water".- Jim Litchfield, Owner, Reno Fly Shop

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