Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Learning The Rhythms Of The Lower Yuba

For years I had heard about the Lower Yuba, the hatches, and the big water.  Now that my new home is a mere 20 minutes from this tail water I’ve began to dissect it, and absorb every good amount of info like a sun baked sponge in a pail of water.  It’s nice to have some help along away, and it’s comforting to be able to fish with my old crew again, guys I’ve known for over 25 years – Family. 

                                                                The Kid and Bacon putting on a show for the boats.
For a river that has been abused from man and his naive mining practices since day one, and high run off that strips away every macroinvetrebrate from its home, I’m amazed at the bug life.  I saw BWO’s, PMD’s, Gray Drakes, and Skwala stoneflies.  The fish were on them!

For those of you that are mystified about finding the Skwala look no further.  If one simply starts flipping over rocks next to shore on dry land and 20 feet out from it, you’ll find them.  If your lucky you’ll find an orgy – This is their greet, meet, and get busy single’s bar.
                                                         The fish here are so beautiful, perfect trout and so strong! 
I’ve only fished the river three times now but I’ve been successful in my quest. Some things that may help you in the future will be to dissect the river into small manageable sections – Study the water before casting. These fish are very wary, being stealthy and not beating up the water is another key component. Be confident in the rig you are fishing, I just played the Skwala dry game but with every cast I believed that a trout would rise – And they did. Present your fly close to shore at first, then fish the big water. I had players from both kinds of water. Crowds – Drive, walk, or float away from the masses. I never had a problem with other anglers, or boats, in fact two of the boats I saw were friends of mine which is good to see.
It looks like the “honey do” list will not be getting checked off like it has in the past, I think it’s time my honey makes an appearance to appreciate the bugs and see the magic show. What an interesting river, I wish you all the best of luck and hope you can find her rhythms.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Upcoming Presentations!

I have two speaking engagements in the next month featuring my bold power point presentation on "Fly Fishing Lake Davis & Frenchman's Reservoir".  On January 25th I will be at Deep Creek Fly Fishers ( http://www.deepcreekflyfishers.org/) in Riverside, Ca.  Then February 16th I will share the knowledge at Peninsula Fly Fishers ( http://www.peninsulaflyfishers.org/).  If your in the neighborhood please stop by and get great information on these two fine still waters nestled in Eastern Plumas County.  Hope to see you there!

UPDATE:  February 9th, at the Napa Valley Fly Fishers Club. http://www.napavalleyflyfishers.org/
                    May 9th Grizzly Peak Fly Fishers Club. http://www.grizzlypeakflyfishers.org/

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