Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Presentations For May 2016

My upcoming Powerpoint presentations for the month of May include the first stop at the Stanislaus Fly Fishers on May 10th with an all new and highly detailed program featuring the North Fork Yuba river. In this presentation I break it all down regarding which sections to fish during the season, flies, rigging both wet and dry, entomology, the history of the land, local insider secrets, and so much more. My program starts at 7pm, for more information on where to see this fabulous program click here; Stanislaus Fly Fishers. Great club, good people, and there is no charge to see my presentation.

On The following day of the 11th, I will be at the Russian River Fly Fishers for a double header presentation featuring the Middle Fork Feather River, and the North Fork Yuba River. Access areas will be revealed, including the best time of year to target this watershed. Aquatics, rigging, and so much more will be revealed with mapping, including those special patterns to entice your quarry. For more information and to where to meet me click here; Russian River Fly Fishers. Entry is free as well.  I hope you can make it to one of my presentations, I love to share the wisdom, and mostly to see you excel at your craft! Check me out.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Product Review ~ EEKOE Bamboo Socks

When it comes to the simple pleasures in life, there is one item I cannot live without; quality socks. I fully admit to having a sock fetish. When I first heard about EEKOE socks I simply bypassed it as just another sock with fancy graphics. But after researching the product more I found that many of my colleagues from my past professional snowboard days were using and backing the EEKOE brand. In fact they support many action sport based athletes who live on the cusp of pushing the boundaries of their preferred sport. I relish the opportunity to seek outside the mainstream fly fishing industry and bring that product into the public’s eye as long as it is a high end quality item that anglers can use, and enhance their time on the water.

So I know you’re saying “a sock is just a sock, right”? Wrong, EEKOE socks go above any sock I have ever worn. First off, they are made of bamboo, a organic renewable material that increases durability, and comfort. The advantage of EEKOE bamboo socks are;

Temperature Management
·        Cooler feet in the heat.
·        Warmer feet in the cool.

Dry Feet / Moisture Wicking
·        Pulls sweat and moisture away from your feet throughout the day.
·        Leaving you with your feet dry ALL Day, even amidst athletic or strenuous activities.

Comfort & Durability
·        Bamboo is the softest most comfortable fabric you will ever wear on your feet.
·        Bamboo is also the strongest and most durable fabric you will ever put on your feet.

Odor Eliminating
·        Able to withstand the stink with 5+ days in each pair.
·        If aired out at night instead of thrown into a corner, as much as 10 + days.
·        Bottom line - ODOR FREE.

Allergy reduced
·        Naturally smooth fiber properties are non-irritating to the skin.

UV protection
·        Bamboo naturally provides added protection against the sun's harmful UV rays.

I have been testing these socks everyday for the past month and they have exceeded my expectations. They are perfect for the demands that we fly anglers need when out in field chasing game fish for endless hours. You’ll have to try a pair on to see for yourself. There are many different models in the line to choose from depending on your needs. Check out their website here http://www.eekoe.com/ to learn more about the best socks on earth. 

EEKOE for life!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Northern Sierra Fishing Report ~ Truckee River ~ Lake Davis ~ Middle Fork Feather River ~ North Fork Yuba River

The Truckee River is fishing pretty good right now, and the flows are dropping into shape. The Glenshire stretch is at 404 cubes, and the upper canyon is running at 695 cfs, and a little higher down by Floriston running 830. With higher flows, fish the side water first before venturing out. All of the fish last week were in deeper slower water next to the main flow/seam. Flesh Juan worms, red Squiggly Worms, flashy baetis nymphs, and rubber leg stones are all producing. There is still plenty of snow on the crest and surrounding mountains, during spring runoff you'll have higher flows in the afternoon into the evening from runoff. Mornings will have the lowest flow of the day. Check the gauges before you hit the water and plan accordingly.

Lake Davis is in its usual early spring pattern with some fish still trying to spawn, and others that are in post spawn mode. During this time there's a lull in the action, and recent trips have had very slow action. There has been some bugs out including blood midges, and callibaetis mayflies, but very sparse. Water temperatures are 48 to 52 degrees in the main body of the lake, shallow coves could see higher temps. Indicator fishing is producing the best with Albino Wino midges, and pheasant tail flashback nymphs. Honker Cove and camp 5 boat ramps are usable but the dock at Camp 5 has still not been put in. The west side road is open with a little mud here and there on the access point roads. Bring a chainsaw if you have one, my buddy Pete removed a down tree on the Cow Creek access so he could get in. Look for conditions to improve with warmer weather and more hatches.

The Middle Fork Feather river is fishing slow, flows are down from the previous weeks but are still on the high side. Water temperatures dictate all on the Middle Fork with current temps in the low 50's. Once the water temperatures reach 56 the trout will take artificial flies more readily. Your best bet is to fish streamers in back sloughs or other areas that are away from the main flow of snow melt. Black bead head wooly buggers and baby rainbow patterns are the top producing streamers. May and June will be very good this year thanks to the increased flows and snowpack.

Runoff is well under way on the North Fork Yuba River and currently the flows at Goodyears Bar are 1,240 cfs. Big water for sure and not ideal for fishing yet, but if you kayak, it's great right now. I saw over a dozen people floating it today and it looked like a real hoot. The water is clear and cold with water temperatures from 42 to 49 degrees depending on your location in the watershed. This year is more typical with a decent snowpack with gradual melting. I don't think the river will produce for another month or so. The best time to fish the North Fork Yuba is June through September. With the weather so nice out, I'm chomping at the bit to get out there. It will be a while......

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Northern Sierra Fishing Report ~ Lake Davis ~ Middle Fork Feather River ~ Truckee River.

Transition time for myself is under way, the Lower Yuba River is in the rear view mirror, and the Northern Sierra awakens. First stop, Lake Davis. The spawn is on yet many of the east side feeder creeks are drying up. Look for the creeks that are still running, and target the areas around them. Fishing is fair at this time. Smaller chironomids are active, and also Callibaetis mayflies. Water color is off slightly with water temperatures 50 to 55 degrees, bays with dark bottoms have slightly higher water temps and the trout are seeking these areas out.

Early season at the lake brings out some amazing water fowl like Loons with their eerie call, and white pelicans strafing the water’s surface with spectacular aerial flight displays. Effective flies for stripping include Wiggle tails in brown, burnt orange, olive, and black, and Woolly Buggers in the same color schemes. For bobicating, try Albino Wino midges, and Pheasant Tail Flashback nymphs. Fish are scattered. It’s early, wait for more hatches to pop for better action. Special thanks to my buddy Pete for giving me a room, and delicious healthy meals. You are the man!

The Middle Fork Feather River opened on the 2nd, beautiful views and sunny skies welcomed my guests and I. Water is high, water temps came in at 53 to 55, but the clarity was good. Streamer fishing got the only grabs with black Wooly Buggers, and nymphing was not happening.

Warmer water temps will dictate all. Keep an eye on this gem, when conditions are ripe, it’s game on. Tons of Gray Drakes hatching and on the water. These trout do not look up until water temps are at least 58. It was great to see so much water in the river, and free standing water in the Sierra, and Mohawk valleys.  Mosquitos are going to be a problem in this area, as well as the Buffalo bugs (no-see-ums).

The Truckee River is awesome right now, sexy water color, high, but very fishable. My guests and I have been doing pretty good targeting deeper pocket water, and deeper tail outs. Lots of weight is crucial. Stick and move, cover water. If you’re hooking fish, stay in the immediate area. 

Effective flies for us have been worms in flesh and red and small baetis nymphs in olive. All of the fish hooked today were sight fished, look at promising slicks behind boulders, and when the clear window appears look for the dark moving shape of a trout. The best aspect of today was the weather, so gorgeous. Unsettled weather moves in from Friday through Tuesday with intermittent snow and rain. Prepare and get out there, it’s AG (all good).

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