Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Friday, August 31, 2012

Free Lake Davis/Frenchman's Reservoir Presentation at Reel Anglers Fly Shop

I will be doing a FREE presentation on Lake Davis & Frenchman's Reservoir on Saturday, September 15th at 10am for Reel Anglers Fly Shop located at 760 S. Auburn street in Grass Valley. The narrated slide show will feature over a 100 photographs, maps, and useful information - Just in time for the Fall bite! You will learn all the details about these two amazing stillwaters, so don't miss out. Please come join me and Reel Anglers Fly Shop owner Tom Page to learn about the many secrets I will be sharing, hope to see you there!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I can feel it, like all animals do this time of year. It's on the way and I welcome it with not just open arms but with my spirit renewed by a new lease on life. Autumn is on the wind, drifting in slightly with a few clues to those who look. The wind has crispness to it, a slight chill. Pine needles have begun falling and the tips of the big leaf maple are turning a slight yellow. Warblers in the high country are on the move and the rest of our feathered friends have changed their normal summer behavior. But the one clue that fall is on its way was the Blue Wing Olive mayflies I saw in the past few days on the North Fork Yuba river, they are back after taking the summer months off for vacation.

Autumn is the most amazing spectacle of our revolving seasons that wash the earth. It can be viewed as a decaying time when all the greenery that spring and summer produced becomes a withered and pale pastel falling from the sky. The days become shorter, the sun is lower in the sky, and darkness overtakes the length of day. But you know what? If you're a fly angler this is special time, this is when mother earth pulls out the top hat, waves the magic wand and grants us the best fishing of the season!

This is by far my favorite time of year; large trout prowl the skinny water of our lakes and can be found right at your feet. Legendary running waters of Northern California like the McCloud, Pit, Fall, Truckee, and the Upper Sac rivers turn on fire for the final show of the season. Classic fall hatches like the October Caddis, BWO's, and the Isonychia mayfly dance like sugar plum fairies in the damp air that hovers over our sacred waters.

The only problem with this time of year is that it is over before you know it. I wish the great creator could just stretch it out a little more and allow us to savor those delightful and perfect presentations that become mere flashbacks in the cold winter months ahead. I don’t’ know about you but I am so ready for this, I think about fly fishing and autumn all year long. To watch summer fade into fall and dance in rhythm with the trout and their world is a passion that consumes my every thought. Somebody pinch me.

Jon Baiocchi has been fly fishing and tying flies since 1972 and is a California licensed fly fishing guide, published author, educator, innovative tier, and public speaker giving fly fishing presentations to clubs and expos around the state. Jon operates Baiocchi’s Troutfitters guide service in Northeastern California where he has a reputation as a hard working guide who has been trained by some of fly fishing’s best known master anglers. He can be reached at BaiocchisTroutfitters.com

Friday, August 17, 2012

Trout To Tout

I was recently asked to do a photo shoot with Denis Peirce (http://fineflies.com/) about an article he was writing for the Union Newspaper. It was amazing how we could escape the busy city life and disappear down into a remote creek and find wild trout. My only bummer of the day was forgetting to wear my quick dry pants and receiving a new array of artistic scratches from the thorny blackberry bushes! You can view the article here http://fineflies.com/union/08-10-2012.htm One never knows what kind of fishing opportunities are right in front of them until they take a few steps back and explore their own front yard. Get some...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Fly Shop Opens In Grass Valley!

Last December Nevada City Anglers closed its doors and the fly fishing community of Nevada county was left high and dry without a local shop. I had no idea that owner Tom Page had just opened Reel Anglers Fly Shop just a few weeks ago until I had a power meeting with local guide Keith Scott of West Slope Drifters. Finally we have a local shop to support and fill the needs of fly anglers in the area!

Tom's shop carries all the essentials to outfit you on your next trip including rods, reels, lines, all terminal tackle, flies, tying materials, casual and technical clothing, and the knowledge to help you. Reel Anglers Fly Shop is located at 760 S. Auburn St. in Grass Valley's Village Center. You can reach the shop at 530.477.5397 or look for their website coming soon at http://reelanglersflyshop.com/

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Day The Planets Aligned On The Little Truckee River

Success on the Little Truckee River can mean many different things when it comes to plying her waters with a fly rod. A grab, a look, or maybe a decent fish or two. The bottom line is this river is not a easy place to catch a bunch of fish. My client yesterday, Ken from Missouri wanted a introduction to stalking trout in Northern California. In Missouri they have manicured "trout parks" that have stocked trout and crowds of anglers that make the Little Truckee look like a private fishery. So I took the time with Ken to teach him about wild trout behavior, proper presentations, studying water, flies, and entomology. This boy from the south was a quick learner!

He caught and released 14 trout, both browns and rainbows in the mix from 10-22", all on the Pale Morning Dun dry! Double digits do not come easy on this river and I let him know he may never see a day like this again - It was that good! Strange things happen in the trout world, and when the planets align themselves you better hold on as you just may have the most incredible day fishing with a fly rod ever!

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