Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Lower Yuba River Update 2/21/2018

Winter has returned, and with it colder temperatures and weak cold fronts. Some bigger storms may be upon the region in the next few weeks, and a there is still hope for a March miracle. The Lower Yuba River is still fishing well. Dry flies and fishing during the warmest time of day is your best bet. Flows continue at an average of 950 cubes at the Parks Bar gauging station, and the Yuba County Water Agency currently has no plans to increase the flows. 

The colder air temps and cloudy conditions are not the best for the Skwala stonefly, their activity has slowed down but they are still there, hiding under the cobblestones waiting for our friend the sun to come out. There has been a bit of resurgence with BWOs, PMDs, and a few more March browns in the mix. Bigger fish have been caught in the last week including a Feather River steelhead that ate a Skwala dry. 

Covering water is the key to success, and don’t be afraid to blind cast. Though, one should always keep their head on a swivel, and looking for any rise forms. I’m booked up until the middle March. No better time to make a plan and stalk the banks with me. 530.228.0487, or email me at baiocchistroutfitters@yahoo.com

Check out my YouTube channel HERE  I've added two tying tutorials, the March Brown Sparkle Dun, and the Unit Skwala. I'll be adding more as time allows. See you out there...

California's state flower Eschscholzia Californica

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Fly Fishing Show ~ Pleasanton, Ca ~ 2018

This coming Friday through Sunday (23rd to the 25th), The biggest fly fishing show on the west coast will be held at the Alameda County Fairgrounds, 4501 Pleasanton Avenue, Pleasanton, Ca. Show Hours are Friday:  10am – 6pm, Saturday: 9am – 5:30pm, and Sunday: 9am – 4:30pm. This three-day show features fly fishing authors, celebrities, fly-tiers, exhibitors, and a learning center. The International Fly Fishing Film Festival is back for one night only on Friday, February 23.

I will be working the Truckee Guide Network booth (space E-11), and Lance Gray and Company's booth (space G-29), so come by and let's talk about our upcoming trips, clinics, tours, and workshops for 2018. 

I will also be presenting my brand new program "High Water Tactics" which was developed after last winter's deluge. It is a technical program that offers solutions during flooding conditions.“High Water Tactics” covers different types of high water situations, safety, trout and turbid conditions, water structure to target, streamer and nymphing presentations, leader formulas, tactics, and fly selection. Beautiful images and new highly detailed animated slides and diagrams provide the audience with clear and concise information for future endeavors on the water while fly fishing in adverse conditions. Though our winter this year is not like last year, there is still some great information any angler can use. This is a program you do not want to miss!

My speaking times are Friday 12pm, Saturday 10am, and Sunday 10am - Building "P". For the complete speakers schedule click HERE, then scroll down to the "Theaters" tab.

For tickets and directions, click HERE

I look forward to seeing you all at the show, and sharing my knowledge and passion for fly fishing and conservation.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report 2/13/2018

Photo courtesy of Tony Bellaver, Alpenglow Bamboo Fly Rods
Cooler weather and a dusting of snow here in Nevada city on Monday morning, north wind had a bite to it as well. Making good upstream presentations posed major problems too, but a switch in tactics with a downstream fly first delivery solved the war against the wind. Flows have been stable for the most part on the Lower Yuba River and are currently flowing at 950 cubes making wading and crossing the river easy. Last weekend the river was packed with anglers, gold panners, and OHV enthusiast. Weekdays have been fairly quiet. The water clarity is ultra-clear and those rainbows are spooky and selective when it comes to dry fly offerings. 

You’ll have better success fishing water that is a little rougher as it masks your profile and mistakes, smooth flat water gives the fish all day to look at the intricate details of your fly and your presentation. Going on week 3 of not putting a bobber rig on for my guests, and there is no need to. One single dry fly or a dry/dropper rig is all you need. Those trout are looking up and placing themselves in major foam lines in the afternoon. Overall fishing has been good, but an angler needs to put in some observations, and work, to get results.

Skwalas are still active and the fish are keyed in on them. There are more PMDs in the mix and some fish actually prefer them over the big bug. A few Gray Drakes are out, and it seems the BWO hatches have been on the light side. The warm sunny weather of late has a more than a few caddis fluttering about, fruit trees are in blossom mode, and the honey bees have been busy. Whatever the land of extremes throws at us, I sure love my native Northern California.

I’d like to share a few tips that will help you out on the water with your dry fly game. First is line management, especially dealing with slack. During your drift, an angler must be aware of their line. You want the straightest line possible to your fly, often, just mending the first 10 feet of you fly line from your rod tip makes a big difference. Remember when it comes to setting the hook, you want to do so with the path of the shortest distance, which may entail setting to the left even though your fly is downstream of you on your right. Second, if your casting to an active rising fish and not getting any love, stop casting and rest them. Let the fish eat a few naturals and try again. If you have no results, go find another fish. You don’t want to spend all day on one picky fish, find the aggressive eater, and moving around and fishing many different water types will help with that. 

Give me a ring at 530.228.0487 and let’s prowl the banks. Conditions are at their best right now, don’t delay, and get out there. See you among the cobblestones…

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Yuba River Update 2/6/2018

Winter is the new summer lately. Hard to believe it’s the first week of February, above normal temperatures with bright sunny skies. I really like it, but fear the next to nothing snowpack in the Sierra. We need more snow, with high water content, or things will be bleak this coming summer and fall.  Pray for a March miracle. The Lower Yuba River still amazes me with how quickly it has come back. Lance Gray and I had another Yuba Tour today, and the entomology sampling was as good as the last one with a few exceptions. There were tons of baetis nymphs, and quite a few March Brown nymphs in the mix. So good to see. 

Current conditions has the flows right around 910 cfs, though today there was a short spike in the flows from releases from Scotts Flat reservoir into Deer creek that bumped it up to 1,101 cubes. Short lived and back down. My guests and I have still yet to use a nymph rig, it’s been all about waiting for the Skwala stones to get active during noon to 4pm and making dry fly presentations. Every day has been different, and sometimes you see many adults scurrying around on the rocks, and floating down the foam lines, while other days not so many. Regardless, most of the fish are keyed in on them. 

Mayflies have been sparse but still present. BWOs, and PMDs mostly. You’ll find more mayfly eaters in the calmer flats. We should see these conditions to last for quite some time, and you can expect the Skwalas to be present clear into the middle of March. Decent numbers of smaller feisty rainbows with the occasional legit fish are being fooled with Skwala patterns that are the right size, with that unique Yuba River color. I’ve got a few open dates heading into March. Shorten your learning curve, gain knowledge, and advance your skill set for future endeavors. 530.228.0487

Don't forget, Lance Gray of Lance Gray and Company and myself will be offering another Yuba Tour on March 1st. Access areas, rigging, entomology, flies, handouts, mapping, and a stream side lunch included. Price: $145. Contact Lance at lancegrayandcompany@yahoo.com to book your spot. See you on the water...

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Baiocchi's Troutfitters Upcoming Events ~ February 2018

February is a very busy month for me, 9 presentations, guide trips, and a whole lot of travel. Sharing my knowledge comes first, it's the legacy my father left me and I wouldn't think twice about it. Check out my speaking schedule below and make sure to click on the orange highlighted links for more info.

Kern River Fly Fishers ~ On the 7th I will in Bakersfield speaking at the KRFF general meeting presenting my technical dry fly program "Mastering the Dry Fly". This is an in depth look at observing and head hunting trout who feed on the surface. Doors open at 7pm, and the meeting is free to the public. For more information click HERE.

Santa Lucia Fly Fishers ~ The next night on the 8th, I travel to San Luis Obispo with another showing of my dry fly program. I'm looking forward to speaking with the SLFF club since I have never done so before. Doors open at 6:30pm at Margie's Diner, and the meeting is free to the public. For more info click HERE.

Grizzly Peak Fly Fishers ~ Round 3 of my mini presentation tour finds me in Kensington speaking in front of the GPFF club on the 14th. Here's a chance to check out my "Mastering the Dry Fly" program if you have not seen it yet. Doors open at 6:30pm, and the meeting is free to the public. For more info click HERE.

Peninsula Fly Fishers ~ Another night, another town, this time in Redwood City at the PFF general meeting on the 15th. One more viewing of my technical dry fly presentation that has been receiving rave reviews from every club - They love it! Doors open at 7:30pm. For more info on the meeting that is free to the public click HERE.

Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show ~ The best fly fishing show on the west coast returns to Pleasanton, Ca on February 23, 24, and 25. I will be speaking all three days with a brand new program entitled "High Water Tactics" that covers everything to be successful when huge flows are encountered. Vivid images, animated slides, and diagrams gives the audience clear and concise details and facts. I will also be working the Truckee Guide Network booth, and Lance Gray and Company's booth. For more info on the show click HERE.  

I hope to see you at one of the following venues mentioned above. Though this month is crazy busy with shows, guide trips, and Skwala stoneflies, I always have time to share my passion and knowledge of fly fishing with all of you. See you on the road...

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