Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Yuba Fest 2019 ~ Conservation, Education, Stewardship

I will be unable to attend Yuba Fest this year, I’m sorry I will not be able to perform magic tricks like the real time emergence of Mahogany duns from nymph to adult right before your eyes. I’ve already marked my calendar for next year. This is a very important event for a very unique river system that still holds wild populations of Chinook salmon, steelhead, and resident rainbow trout. If you truly care about the Yuba River and its future, this is a must attend event. I encourage all fellow guides who make a profit off the Yuba River to attend and share their insight, knowledge, and passion for the river by giving back and helping with the educational programs being offered at Yuba Fest. Check out the programs listed below, and if you attend make sure you give your full attention to the featured speaker Mark Rockwell and his powerful message of conservation measures for the Lower Yuba River. For more information and updates check out the Yuba Fest blog: http://yubafest.blogspot.com/

Sycamore Ranch County Park
Saturday October 12th, 2019
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

The mission of the Yuba Fest is to encourage the protection, conservation and restoration of the Yuba River and its watershed. Motivated by our love for this river, we advocate active stewardship, public education, and activism for the river from the Northern Sierra to the sea.

The Theme of the Yuba Fest 2019
-About Conservation Projects on the Lower Yuba River
-Fly fishing skills, like fly casting, fly tying and entomology
-Tactics and Techniques for fishing the rive-Youth Fly Fishing Program
-Ladies Fly Fishing Program

-With Conservation Groups
-With fellow Anglers
-With Fly Fishing Educators

-The camaraderie and spirit of the event
-The Lower Yuba River
-Yuba Fest After Party at 1849 Brewing Company, Grass Valley, CA from 5:30 pm to ???

Co-Hosts of the Event
Fly Fishing Traditions ~ https://www.flyfishingtraditions.com/
Gold Country Fly Fishers ~ https://www.goldcountryff.org/
Northern California Council Fly Fishers International ~ https://p.facebook.com/NCCFFF/

Friday, August 23, 2019

North Fork Yuba River Fly Fishing Report 8/23/2019

Not much change from my last report, still great fishing, and plenty of solitude. I'm starting my guide trips a little later with the days getting shorter, and for whatever reason those North Fork Yuba wild rainbows prefer sunshine on the water. Water temps are ranging from 57 in the morning to 63 in the afternoon in the upper watershed. One thing I notice on this river after a big runoff year is that you'll find more concentrations of fish in certain pockets and pools, while other areas on the river are mostly devoid of fish. I'm guessing when huge hydraulics are in effect, the smaller rainbows go with the flow and end up where they can survive. 

Caddis remain the preferred food item and larger elk hair caddis patterns in gray, amber, and olive are producing. The Jonny B. UV Ant Bomb has been crushing them and all of the bigger fish are suckers for this pattern. I may have to have this pattern contracted out and tied as there is nothing like it on the market. Simple too. New shucks of Stub Wing stoneflies (Claassenia sabulosa) have been appearing for quite a while now. They are often referred to as "Nocturnal Stones", but most stoneflies hatch in the dark no matter the species. Go look under the bridge supports at the Rosaschi Ranch bridge in the middle of the night in February and you'll see quite the show of emerging Goldens and Skwalas.

Fall is just around the corner, and if one slows down and observes you can see the many clues Mother Nature provides. We'll really see a difference in a few weeks with a reduced amount of traffic on the roads and in the forests. I've said this many times and I'll say it again - Get out there and enjoy your public lands! See you on the water...

Blazing Star ~ Mentzelia leavicaulis 

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Truckee River Trout Weekend 2019

Truckee River Trout Unlimited (TRTU) Fundraiser Saturday November 2, 2019!  Join us for a wonderful day of fishing, fun, and food! 

The Truckee Chapter of Trout Unlimited Board of Directors is excited to offer a fantastic opportunity to fish the exclusive private waters of the San Francisco Fly Casting Club.   The event includes all meals, including a special BBQ hosted by the Truckee River Board of Directors.   Hurry to sign up as there a limited number of spaces available!

Details: Required donation $1500 for the event.  Registration in advance.   Email:  maherdp@comcast.net.  Expert guides (most of whom are TRTU Board members) will provide guiding advice and instruction on the river.  Continental breakfast, lunch on the river, and an open bar/BBQ event to conclude a magical day on the river, included.  

Schedule: Arrive in Truckee area Friday November 1st.  Many lodging options available that time of year.  (Lodging the responsibility of the participant).  Reception and annual TU meeting at the home of Dan Maher, a Board member and fundraising Chair of TRTU.  Saturday morning meet at Dan’s home (5 minutes from the Fly Caster’s), for a continental breakfast and meet-up with the guides.  Fishing commences at 9 AM and goes to 4 PM.  Lunch served on the river.  Reception follows directly followed by BBQ dinner at 7 PM.  A brief presentation on TRTU’s river improvement and local conservation efforts will be around 8 PM.

Fundraiser Goal: The annual fundraiser provides funds to 100% directly support the TRTU Board’s local river improvement projects as outlined in our 2019 Strategic Plan.  TRTU obtains funds through personal donations, fundraising events, and grants.   We are a local only organization, and dedicated to providing and protecting cold, clean habitat for fish in the Truckee/Tahoe basin.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Sierra Pines Resort Fall Package Deal ~ North Fork Yuba River

For the fall season Sierra Pines Resort is offering fly anglers a special package to experience the beauty of the North Fork Yuba River and the wild trout that inhabit the river. Guests will able to access the river right behind the resort. Anglers that take advantage of this great deal will also receive 10% off a half day trip with Baiocchi’s Troutfitters. The Sierra Pines Resort package includes meals and a room for both single and double occupancy;

Single Occupancy (per night including taxes)
River View  $160
Forest View  N/A  
Restaurant Level  $130

Dbl Occupancy / person (per night including taxes)
River View  $105                  
Forest View  $100                   
Restaurant Level  $95

-Single Occupancy rooms are King Beds with coffee and TV. 
-Double Occupancy rooms are Two Full Beds with coffee and TV.
-Meals are open to the entire menu.  Gratuity not included.  Dessert and alcohol will be purchased separately.

To book your stay with Sierra Pines Resort, please call 530 862 1151, or email them at sierrapinesresort@gmail.com – Use the code “BAIOCCHI” to ensure of the special package deal.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

North Fork Yuba River & Lost Sierra Creeks Fly Fishing Report ~ 8/10/2019

What a glorious last couple of weeks it has been while roaming the Lost Sierra with my guests. I get a lot of satisfaction sharing the natural wonders of such a special region in Northern California, and to see others appreciate my passion for such makes it so much sweeter – They get it. Summer rhythms are changing slowly, subtle differences like where the sun rises and sets, animal & bird behavior, constellations of the stars shifting, and late season wild flowers popping open. You’ll notice things like this when you’re living where the wild things are on a day to day basis

Currently, we are experiencing some unseasonably cooler weather for a few days. The low temperature in Nevada City this morning was 54, and a crisp 34 in Truckee. We’ll take it, though it would be nice to see some summer monsoon moisture race up from the south along the crest, and spill over into the region. If you haven’t broken free of your commitments in everyday life, you’re running out of time to escape into the summertime of the Sierra. On a special note, I’ve made a great connection and have partnered with SierraPines Resort (formally Herrington’s on the NFYR) to offer some fall specials, and for 2020, package deals that include breakfast, lunch, dinner, a room, and a reduced guide fee for a half day. Stay tuned to my website under Destinations, or the “News” page.

North Fork Yuba River – Flows are perfect, and surprisingly angling pressure has been light. Water temps in the upper most water shed are 58 in the morning reaching 62 in the afternoon. Downstream they will be a bit higher, especially near areas like Convict Flat and Rocky Rest. Caddis patterns continue to dominate success on the water’s surface. All over the Northern Sierra it’s been a big caddis year and they will be active well into the fall season with the king of caddis, Dicosmoecus (October Caddis), making the last stand until the first snowfall. Hoppers have been out, yet I have not seen as many in years past, and the fish are just kind of interested in them so far. 

Midges have been very prolific this year as well, and they are big! What the trout are really interested in is ants, and for whatever reason trout love the taste of formic acid. To really be well equipped with ant patterns, one must carry many different sizes from size 10 to 18 in both black and red. My new UV Ant Bomb prototype has been crushing trout from Truckee to points north of Plumas National Forest. 

Dry/Dropper rigs continue to be the most productive, and it makes a difference with the length of your tippet down to your dropper fly depending on the water type (riffles, pools, slots, shallow side water, etc.) or where the fish are eating in the water column relevant to emerging aquatics, or lack of.

Lost Sierra Creeks -  Going off! Same conditions as the NFYR, water is clear and cold, especially on those creeks that are spring fed. I can’t remember a better year for wild flowers, so many of them and lasting so much longer than usual. A little color spot on the banks of a trout stream is the icing on the cake. Jamison Creek has been producing the biggest creek trout out of all the Eastern Plumas creek drainages, and the flows are still in great shape. Gray Eagle creek water levels have come down in the last two weeks, but the fishing is still good to great. 

You’ll find more brown trout in the meadow sections which will require more stealth in your approach. Frazier creek has also dropped and you’ll want to find the deeper pockets and pools where the trout will be more concentrated. Frazier is fishing well too, but this creek is very slippery when it comes to traction while wading as the bedrock and surrounding boulders are mostly Basalt. Even aluminum tractor bars on your soles will slide, so take caution. 

0 to 3 weight rods (bamboo, fiberglass, or old school to modern graphite), 5X tippet, and a hand full of attractor dry flies and flashy nymphs is really all you need. You might want to check out John Quigley’s furled leaders which are not made to the usual specs, but totally custom and preform extremely well. Escape the crowds by hiking further, and immerse yourself in the Lost Sierra, where native rainbow trout call home. See you where the wild things are...

Diamond Clarkia ~ Clarkia rhomboidea on the banks of Jamison Creek

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Lost Sierra Creekin Report ~ 8/1/2019

The creeks of the Lost Sierra are absolutely perfect right now, my guests and I have been having some epic trips venturing deep into the canyon water. Three things that are most prevalent on my guided creek trips are unbound beauty, eager small wild trout, and solitude. We have yet to see any other anglers on the water, and have only seen a few footprints. Most of the time I'll sacrifice the larger fish and crowds of the Truckee area for the simplicity and enjoyment of the creeks. Pretty damn cool.

Water temps are still cold as most of these creek are spring fed, no Hoot Owl closures here due to warm water. Summer 2019 has been a big caddis year, E/C caddis and Elk Hair caddis patterns in amber, olive, and gray are the preferred flies. In the afternoons ants and hoppers are a great choice. Don't waste your time on skinny water sections, pick the pockets that have some depth or unique structure to them, and look for dark water against the faces of large boulders - Prime habitat.

My trips are rugged and remote. An angler that fishes with me needs to be in good shape and can navigate rocky/steep terrain. wading staffs are a must no matter your age. It's not easy, and why I don't see any other anglers or the few authorized Plumas USFS permitted guides out there. My best advice is to book now for the summer of 2020, yeah, my canyon water trips are THAT sought after. Also, get to the gym, or put some time on the bicycle. It makes your creekin experience that more enjoyable.

The time for the Lost Sierra creeks is now until mid fall, even better when the kids are back in school and more campsites are available at places like Plumas Eureka State Park. Stay updated on my upcoming workshops, tours, clinics, and presentations for 2019, and 2020 HERE: http://www.baiocchistroutfitters.com/fly-fishing-news/

See you out there in the Northern Sierra...

Mimulus cardinalis ~ Scarlet Monkey Flower


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