Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Upcoming Eagle Lake Presentations 10/2 & 10/6

If you're as intrigued about Eagle Lake and the unique Eagle Lake rainbow trout as I am then please join me for the most informative lecture on fly fishing this ancient lake available. All bases will be covered in this 155 slide show including the history, hot spots to fish, the flies, techniques, and tackle. The first presentation on 10/2 will be at the Gold Country Fly Fishers monthly meeting at the fairgrounds Grass Valley, all the info is available here; http://www.gcff.org/ GCFF is a great club and I'm proud to be a member.

The second presentation will be held at Tom Page's Reel Anglers Fly Shop on 10/6 at 10am. Tom's shop is located at 760 S. Auburn St. in Grass Valley's Village Center. Seating is limited so come early to reserve your spot. There will be flies available after the show specifically just for fishing Eagle Lake as well as a complete inventory of gear to satisfy your needs.

Please join me and learn all about one of the best kept secrets of Northern California. Both presentations are free to the public and the information provided will most defiantly shorten your learning curve while casting to where the ancient trout roam!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Coming Home; The 1st Lake Davis Fall Season Report 2012

As I crept down that dusty road to Cow Creek inching my way to Lake Davis my hopes were high just rolling through the woods and taking it all in. The lake came into view and so did the memories of last year at this time, I knew the tears were coming. Not so bad this time around but enough to have a few roll down my cheeks and rest in the corner of my mouth. The taste of those tears were sweet this time, and with that taste came a feeling of true happiness that I was lucky enough to fish with such a loyal partner. Everything was the same as last year, the weather, the hatches, the fish rising right off the bank, and the low angle of the autumn sun giving the landscape a different perspective of nature's special effects. Everything except Madison being there at my side.

Tucked away in my little pullout off the road I rigged the rod and took my time getting dressed. It was so quite out, not a puff of wind or any other sounds to be had. Sightings of any two legged creatures casting in the distance could not be seen as well. There was nothing, just the sun beating down on me providing a blanket of warmth and security. The trek to the buckets is not that far but I took my time to observe some strange bird behavior I solved the mystery to a few years ago at Eagle Lake that baffled a top ornithologist. There were dozens of red shafted northern flickers in the meadows far away from any pine trees or normal habitat. They were rooting deep in the grass completely oblivious to my oncoming presence and the loud noise of dry grass crunching under my boots. The flickers were eating grasshoppers at the right time in the morning; just enough warmth to get those hoppers active, yet not enough sun for them to be able to hop away and fly. The birds were gorging themselves. I love it when the creatures of the great creator think outside the box and prove the experts wrong.

Surface water temps ran 62-65 degrees, and though not the best they are coming down. Hatches included sparse calibaetis, little chartreuse midge, and blood midges in a size 12. They were really keyed in on the blood midge emergers that were popping up from underneath the surface. The trout are already in the skinny water searching for high volumes of food before winter comes on, how skinny? 2-4 feet! For the next 2.5 hours I hooked into 8 rainbows that were so beautiful and clean of any parasites; all on the dry fly. These shallow water trout were stalked and sight fished to. Does it get any better than that? Not a chance, and with my eighth fish released I sat in the shade of a lone pine tree and just watched the fish rise away. Later that day I ran into Gene and the rest of the Granite Bay Fly Fishing club members and we compared notes. They were doing well with calibaetis nymphs and casting to rising fish. They also said the fish they caught and released were very clean as well. Good news!

The fish are in the skinny water and it's getting to be that time of year when the bite really turns on. I saw my first fall colors in Truckee on Thursday and like a passenger train, autumn is on its way. Get your boarding pass now and hop aboard!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eagle Lake Presentation at Tahoe Truckee Fly Fishers 9/20

This coming Thursday, September 20th, I will be appearing at the Tahoe Truckee Fly Fishers at 6:30pm (http://www.ttff.net/ ) for their monthly meeting to present a 155 slide presentation on the waters of Eagle Lake in Lassen County. I will be discussing access points, techniques  tactics, the history, entomology, and flies. The meeting is open to the public and located at the Truckee Donner Recreation Center (Map - https://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=Truckee+Recreation+Center+(new+facility)) I hope you get a chance to come see this as I unlock the mysteries of fishing "The Pond"!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Middle Fork Feather River Presentation 9/11

Sorry for the short notice but I will be doing a Power Point presentation on the Wild & Scenic Middle Fork Feather River this coming Tuesday at the EC Powell Fly Fishers Club in Yuba City. I will cover access points, techniques, tactics, entomology, and flies for the Middle Fork with 140 slides, including maps. The meeting starts at 7pm at the Lincrest Elementary school (1400 Phillips road) in the multipurpose room and is open to the public. I look forward to sharing with you one of California's most beautiful rivers - See you there!

For more information click here; http://www.ecpowellflyfishers.com/ScheduleMeetings.php
For the EC Powell Newsletter click here; http://ecpowellflyfishers.com/pdf/Sep2012Newsletter.pdf

Friday, September 7, 2012

Korkers Customer Service

I love my Korkers boots, they have exceeded my expectations when it comes to durability and being user friendly. Here in Northern California we have polished granite boulders that line our freestone rivers. I have been wearing the studded soles but they are very slippery on the "dry" granite, and it does not matter what brand of studded soles - they all slip. Once in the water they preform well but it's the boulder hopping that has had me land in ways I'd rather not say. I called Korkers this morning and relayed the information and within minutes I had replacement soles of just "all felt" being processed for delivery ready to ship. That's what a stand up company does when it comes to superior customer service, and why I wear and promote the Korkers Brand.  http://www.korkers.com/

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New: Now Offering Lower Yuba River Guide Trips!

The Lower Yuba River is a must fly fishing experience; it's a river that has all the essential qualities that makes it a "must fish" destination spot. This river is a tail water fishery that provides cold water year round and supports a healthy population of steelhead, Chinook salmon, rainbow and the occasional brown trout. Aquatic insects flourish here as well with prolific hatches of pale morning dun and march brown mayflies, caddisflies, and the skwala stonefly just to name a few. The Lower Yuba offers anglers many different fishing opportunities to choose from but the highlight is the winter dry fly fishing where hunting heads and technical presentations reward the angler. 

Jon Baiocchi and Keith Scott will be your guides on the Lower Yuba River offering a cornucopia of instruction and usable information to anglers who seek to learn more about this magnificent fishery. Keith will be manning the oars and drifting anglers down this scenic and productive float, while Jon will be sharing his many years of expertise on stalking trout from the bank with anglers who feel the need for a good hunt. 
Keith Scott is a master and veteran guide on the Lower Yuba with hundreds of days under his belt. He provides the very best in drift boat fishing knowing where the fish are and what sections of the river is producing the best hatches. When the river is running high and deemed unfishable by many, Keith finds a way to catch trout on the dry fly. Drift boat trips run by Keith will be $325, no lunch, no tackle, and all business when it comes to getting clients into fish.

Jon will offer his walk and wade trips at his regular pricing for half and full days providing all the terminal tackle, drinks, snack, and lunches. Jon and Keith are excited to be networking with each other and to be able to provide the very best fly fishing experience for anglers on the Lower Yuba River. We offer guiding all year round!

To book your trip and reserve  a date follow the link;

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