Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Truckee River Fly Fishing Report 4/28/2019

Gorgeous warm weather and blue skies have dominated the skies in the Northern Sierra for the last week, and the flows keep pumping at a high level on the Truckee River. At the Granite campground station on Hwy 89 the flows are at 1,530 cubes, add in Donner Creek at 443 cfs and you will find the flows through the town of Truckee at 1,973. Along the Glenshire stretch below the added inflows of Trout creek and Martis creek, flows are 2,430 cubes. Below the Boca inflow, 3800 cfs. During the spring runoff you’ll notice slight pulses in the graphs from freeze/thaw cycles. The highest flows appear around midnight with the lowest flows in the mid-morning. Fishing pressure is heavy in the more popular spots on the Truckee River, but there is plenty of areas that are off the beaten path. Water temps range from 42-46 degrees. The forecast for peak runoff in the Northern Sierra is the last week of May at this time, conditions can change due to weather and air temps, so check back here frequently.

The fishing is decent if you are willing to put in the work, not a lot of fish, but bigger quality trout. Tight line nymphing, and streamers remain to be the game to be played. From Prosser creek upstream the water clarity is much better and you can use smaller flashier nymphs. Other than that, the same old basic menu of bacon & eggs, stones, crawdads, and larger attractor nymphs. The right type of water is not that plentiful so move around to multiple spots, put in quality presentations, get out and move on.

Above is the type of water you are looking for, slow moving calmer water with some depth, next to the main flow. Approach the edges of the river with caution and stealth as some trout are in skinny water within the submerged native grasses that are currently underwater. Large bushes next to the bank with accumulated woody debris and logs often harbor a large trout as it is a prime singular holding area.

The Little Truckee is outside it’s banks running at 1,260, way above the average mean flow. Big water everywhere you look.

Special thanks to group #2 of High Sierra Flycasters out of the Gradnerville / Minden area for participating in my High Water Workshop. I’ve have two more scheduled in May, but they are filled up. Look for my upcoming presentations from my following post, and new dates for the High Water Workshop in 2020. Be careful out there and don’t take chances, live to fish another day… 

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Upcoming May Presentation Schedule ~ 2019

On Tuesday March 7th I will be presenting “High Water Tactics” to my local club, Gold Country Fly Fishers. One of my best programs ever where I cover the source of high water events, safety, a trout’s vision in dirty water, water to target during big flows, Tight Line nymphing, streamer presentations, leader formulas, equipment, and fly patterns. This event is free to nonmembers. The meeting starts with a "Social Hour" from 5:30 to 6:30 with the meeting starting at 6:30 and ending by 9:00 pm. Nevada County Fairgrounds, Ponderosa Building, Gate #2, Grass Valley, CA. I sure hope you can make it. You do not want to miss this program with our current “High Water” conditions.

The next evening on May 8th I will be in Stockton, Ca presenting to Delta Fly Fishers with the same program “High Water Tactics”. John R. Williams School, 2450 Meadow Ave, Stockton, CA, 7 to 9 pm. If your near the area stop on by. This event is free to nonmembers.

The last stop on my mini presentation tour will be at Mt. Tam Fly Fishers May 9th with an all new program “Creekin the Lost Sierra”. I’ll explain the unique geographic area of South Eastern Plumas National Forest, my favorite creeks, blue lining, must have equipment, and fly selection. For those that love small water and solitude, this is the program for you. This event is free to nonmembers. Corte Madera Town Center, Room 201, Upstairs, above the AT&T store – 7pm. Right off 101 at Tamalpais Blvd, Corte Madera.

A week later on May 16th I will be at Orvis of Roseville with an all new presentation on the North Fork Yuba River, one of California's most beautiful watersheds with an ample amount of wild trout. You'll learn about the different sections of the river from top to bottom, flies, presentations, equipment, entomology, and local inside knowledge from legally guiding the NFYR for the last 7 years. I hope to see you at one of these events, and as always I love to share the knowledge of fly fishing.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Truckee River Fly Fishing Report 4/22/2019

Two words for the Truckee River right now, big and bold. Flows have come up even more since my last report with the Glenshire stretch at 2,200 cubes, Prosser Creek outflow is at 450 cfs, and below the Boca bridge the Truckee is moving pretty good at 3,640 cfs. Water temps have been at around 42 degrees. Water clarity is good from Prosser upstream and a little color from there downstream – Which is a good thing, I feel the fishing is a little better with colored up water as it hides you, and you can use heavier tippet, plus it masks mistakes in your presentation. Big flies, and longer worms; rubber legged Stonefly nymphs, worms in red, flesh, and pink, 8mm eggs (10mm in dirty water), and larger attractor nymphs like Jumbo Johns in darker colors. It’s all about finding the right type of holding water that has not been beaten to death.

Special thanks to members of the Diablo Fly Fishers for another successful High Water Tactics Workshop. Be safe out there and use the buddy system.

The first wildflower of spring in the Northern Sierra is out and blooming, the Alpine Buttercup ~ Ranunculus eschscholtzii

Friday, April 12, 2019

Truckee River Fly Fishing Report & Yuba River Update 4/12/19

It's been a while, and sorry for the delay in my reports, but my internet crashed at my secret abode on the outskirts of Nevada City. The spring thaw is on and there is big water everywhere! The Lower Sac is pushing 40k today and other rivers are in the same boat. What's really interesting is there is SO much snow still to melt and depending on what the air temps do, it could melt all at once or slowly. The lakes and reservoirs are filling up and aleady Antelope and Frenchman are spilling over. Weather up here in Truckee town has been nice one day, and snowing the next, though tomorrow it will be 60 degrees and sunny. What a winter and now spring we are having - California, the land of extremes.

Currently the Truckee river is high and just a little off color - It's perfect. With big water large trout have the power to efficiently navigate throughout the watershed and to be able to effectively feed. This is the time of year you just may hook into a fish of a lifetime, or at least a trophy. Flows are pumping at 1,810 cubes on the Glenshire stretch (they've come down from 2,100) and below Boca they are at 3,440 cfs. Lots of folks out fishing and quite a number of bent rods too, those in the know are experienced anglers in high water conditions. Tight line nymphing and streamers (high stick or swinging) are the two methods of operation. Finding soft spots along the bank with some depth and a walking speed current is best to be successful. Big worms, stone fly nymphs, eggs, and bigger nymphs like Jumbo Johns are working well. As the water clarity gets worse keep in my mind those trout can see a lot better than you think. I have three spots open for the High Water Workshop on May 4th. Shoot me an email at baiocchistroutfitters@yahoo, or give me a call at 530.228.0487 

Yuba River Update - The flows got down to 4k on the 1st and 2nd of April and my clients on both days got into fish, in fact those rainbows were super grabby. Swinging minnows did it for us as well as nymphing with stones and worms. Water clarity at that time was pretty much clear with about 4 feet of visibility. The Yuba  jumped up to 8k last week and now is down to 6,440 cubes. I have no idea of the clarity right now but a guide buddy told me it was really dirty down by Marysville a few days ago. I expect the flows to be high until all the snow melts in the mountains, then the Ag flows will kick in until September 1st. Doubt I'll be back down, but for sure you can find me in the Northern Sierra.

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