Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

North Fork Yuba River Fishing Report 7/22/2015 ~ Terrestrials & Canyon Water

Water levels continue to fall and it’s getting very skinny in some sections. The good news is there are numerous large and deep plunge pools that the resident wild rainbows will filter into. They will also concentrate in some of the small deep pockets as well. While fishing, skip the skinny water and focus on making presentations to those areas listed above.

Water temps yesterday were 57 degrees at 8am, rising to 63 by 1pm. It’s best to fish the upper watershed now, and if you can find the springs and feeder creeks you'll have much better results. Best times to fish are mornings and evenings, if you do plan on fishing during the middle of the day, look for shady areas and dark water.

The little yellow sally stone fly is still out but not in the numbers I saw two weeks ago. There has been an occasional mayfly lifting off the water, but I've yet to identify it. It’s really all about terrestrials now, and the fish have been slamming ant patterns. Best rig has been a large attractor dry fly with a drowned ant trailer off the back. Hoppers are starting to show in force as well, and you can’t beat a club sandwich hopper, just make sure it has some yellow to it. 

The North Fork Yuba offers really fun fishing and gorgeous surroundings, it’s an amazing place. Keep in mind that the Downieville Classic mountain bike race and festival will be July 30th through July 2nd. The town and the canyon will be a zoo, so you might want to skip that weekend if you're looking for some solitude. See you on the water…

Scarlet Monkey Flowers mimulus cardinalis thriving next to spring of cold water on the North Fork Yuba

Friday, July 17, 2015

A Brief Break ~ A Little Loafin' Time

It's been nice to be at home the last week, the previous two months I was home a total of 4 days. I've been getting my ducks in a row, updating files, booking more trips, doing house work, yard work, and tinkering in the shop. Simple pleasures for sure. Also taking time to reflect on family and close friends, and wanting to spend more time with them. 

The big news in the last week is that I've been asked to write two books on still waters with Wilderness Adventures Press! This will be a monumental task but I know I can do it. It will be a few years before the books are published, so much research, information, and the all that typing that goes with it. My mind is spinning right now.

Well, It's back to the grind of pumping out more quality trips on the North Fork Yuba, which is still fishing quite well. I do get a little play time like a Giants game in August where I scored the seats I had last time, a few rows back from the dugout in club level. Also, the Tahoe Truckee Fly Fishers annual fund raising bbq featuring guest speaker Ken Hanley on August 8th. This is a must attend, I hope you can make it. For more Information on the bbq, click the TTFF link above.

.....And so it goes.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

North Fork Yuba River Fishing Report 7/7/15 ~ Canyon Water

The North Fork Yuba River continues to fish well in the mornings and evenings. Canyon water brings out the youth in me, it's such an awesome time, and it never gets old. Each new canyon section I explore reveals unique plunge pools, and cold springs pumping in 42 degree water. The river is so magnificent, crystal clear, and sexy pocket water for days. It's even better sharing the river with my close guests, and watching them play like children in a wild trout amusement park. Silly off the chart shenanigans.

Conditions are excellent, but water levels are very low, and water temps around the Sierra City area are 56 at 8am, rising to 61 by 1pm. Ideal. Dry/dropper rigs continue to dominate whether it's a skinny chute or a big plunge pool. Cover it all, you'll be surprised where you can find those rainbows lurking. Ledges, edges, and dark water.

Effective flies of late continue with Yellow Stimulators #10-14, Adams Parachutes #14-18, Ralph Cutter's E/C Caddis in olive, and brown #12-16, and ant patterns in black and red #12-16. 
Terrestrials are starting to get attention in the middle of the day.

The most beautiful watershed, and the most gorgeous wild trout are waiting for you. Why suffer in Africa heat when you could be wet wading in the cool bubbly waters of the NFYR, and making fun dry fly presentations to some crafty trout. 

Quality experiences await...

A secluded patch of Western Azalea rhododendron occidentale inhabits a hard to reach section of the North Fork Yuba River.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Lake Davis Fishing Report 7/6/2015 ~ Hot Water Temps

Water temps at Lake Davis have rose sharply in the past week starting out at 66 at 8am and reaching 72 by 1pm. That alone made my decision to pull the plug and cancel my remaining trips and reschedule them until fall. The damsel hatch is still going strong but resident rainbows are just not into it, they are laying low and semi deep taking chironomids. Sure, you can hook fish during the day, but safely releasing them is another story. Mortality rate is very high right now.

Look for favorable conditions to pick up around the middle of September. For you still water junkies Milton Reservoir, and pay to play Sawmill lake will quench your needs until then. I have some dates available for fall at Lake Davis, give me a call, pick a date, and let's go fishin!

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