Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Saturday, November 22, 2014


The latest project from Ken Hanley and myself. One of the toughest shoots ever, so many hours involved. Special thanks to Ken and all my buddies. Thank you!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lake Davis Fishing Report 11/20/14 ~ I'm Trapped Under Ice

This past weekend at the lake was very cold, with freezing conditions, and ice in the guides both days with a bitter wind chill. Water temps are 41-47 degrees, skim ice is starting to form. As the lake starts to freeze over the majority of the fish can be found in the southern part of the lake, areas like Camp 5, Eagle Point, Mallard Cove, and Coot Bay will start producing. Fishing pressure has been very light, and the actual fishing has been still hit or miss. I’m convinced the decrease in catch rates is due to a very low population of rainbows in the lake. As I've stated before, if you find the fish, hammer them until the action wanes. Effective flies this past week has been, brown glimmer wiggle tails, and the black midge pupa. Sunday was my last day there for the season; I'll now be guiding and fishing the Lower Yuba until the end of March. Look for the most in depth and comprehensive reports on this moody tail water in the months to come. I'm looking forward to spending some time on the Lower Yuba, it’s close to home, and a great opportunity for experiencing the best winter dry fly fishery in the state of California.

Speaking of the Lower Yuba River, check out the December issue of Ca Fly Fisher featuring an article I wrote on the Skwala hatch. I've been waiting so long to share my experience with this spectacular hatch, it truly is something special. Special thanks to Richard Anderson! Now it begins, the waiting game for Skwala stonefly to emerge. I can hardly wait.....

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Simms Pro Delta Day 2014

I finally got to fish the mighty Delta last Saturday during the Simms Pro Delta Day at the Sugar Barge Resort, where invited industry fly guys and gals got to hang out, fish, eat, and see the new line of the best clothing you can buy. What an awesome day! It started at 7am when I met my host, and delta guru Ben Byng. We fished the Frank's Tract area, throwing 6 inch flies with fast sinking lines. Ben explained the entire scene, and what it takes to be successful on the delta. I was pretty much blown away at just how many anglers and boats were out in force. These bass dudes are really serious!

All of this was made possible by long time Simms rep, John Sherman. Also joining John were six members of the official Simms R&D team. The way John explains all the key features on the clothing is so detailed, he does an outstanding job! Good dude.

Special thanks to my buddy Ken Hanley for MCing the event, and to all those who attended. I will for sure be there next year!

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