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Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lake Davis Report 11/23; "Really?"

November 23th and not another fly angler in sight but my boys, there was nobody. The weather yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, 58-60 degrees, and not a puff of wind to be had. The water temps ran 42-47.8 degrees and there was no ice or snow to be found thanks to the last storm being so warm. Snow geese were hanging out before making the long flight south, and the coots were still tearing up vegetation while being on the lookout for one hungry northern harrier hawk that was swooping in for the kill. It was one of those unbelievable days when you had to pinch yourself and say "Really?"

Duane from Anaheim and his nephew Will had such a good time hooking fish in the skinny water. The fishing is still great but the fall bite is past its peak, not as many hook ups today as the past 3 weeks have provided. There were some rising fish as well and quite a bit of small brown spiders (size 18) falling on the water when their web rides came to an end. The fish were keying in on them. Floating lines, 3x, burnt orange and peacock wiggles tails got the attention of rainbows running 16-19". One fish was 23" and close to 4 pounds, it was a real slab!

It's safe to say we have some more fans of fly fishing stillwaters off the bank. Once I show anglers just how easy it can be during the most productive times of the year they understand why this game is so special. Another shot of rain/snow is forecasted from late Wednesday through Sunday, but until then it's going to be nice during the day at Lake Davis. Go get some 'cause once she freezes over it's a long time until the damsels get active and the fish are found in the skinny water right at your feet.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Jon!!!! Looks like an unbelievable late November weekend!

Unknown said...

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