Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Monday, July 1, 2013

Lake Davis Still Water Outings; Sharing The Knowledge & Passion

When Rob Anderson and I decided on doing a guided still water group outing last winter we wanted to take it to the next level and beyond. The excursion was molded to offer the entire spectrum of a still water experience at Northern California's Lake Davis. More than a classroom clinic, our outings combined hands on instruction for all types of conditions for each individual, a detailed power point presentation on the fishery and aquatic insects, plus a friendly social environment where strangers become fishing buddies when it was all over. We explained all the parameters of rod rigging, knots, leader formulas, shallow water presentations, sinking line techniques, and deep water indicating in great detail.

Our daily after lunch briefings gave everybody a chance to share what worked and what did not work out on the water. The information shared gave those who were less fortunate in the catching department to increase their odds when going back out on the water for round two. It's amazing when you have a dozen rods in the water at once with fly anglers of different skill levels from beginner to expert and see the immediate results first hand.

Water craft of all types were discussed explaining the advantages and tactics that could be employed. It was no surprise to myself that a pontoon boat or float tube with an intermediate line with the right fly in the right area was the most productive. With this set up an angler can cover more water with their fly in the strike zone for a longer period of time. So many good options displayed here for different types of applications and budgets.

Offering the Hexagenia Mayfly experience was the icing on the cake for our guests. Many of them had not even seen the famous "hex" hatch in real life let alone fish one. Everybody in the group was giddy with excitement as the sun faded away and darkness engulfed the realm of the lake awaiting for the big yellow bug to "pop" out onto the water's surface. It is one of mother nature's greatest spectacle!

The highlight for myself during each of our outings was bringing anglers to some select spots and teaching them the art of trout stalking from the bank during the damselfly hatch. This is my first and foremost love and addiction when it come to still waters. More than just fishing, this is hunting for a wary wild animal where your skills must be honed and polished to perfection. Our guests were astonished when they could see under the glare and spot a cruising rainbow in 6 inches of water, something they did not think was possible in the world of a still water trout. 

The grub; fall off the bone smoked ribs, garlic gravy cowboy beans, slow cooked pulled pork sandwiches with fresh made southern coleslaw, BBQ marinated trip tip with corn and grilled carrots, and deluxe turkey wraps loaded with all the goods to round out our last lunch. Rob has the whole catering down to a science and it was so appreciated after putting some long hours on the water.

For those who would like to get in on a fun filled and informative weekend of still water fly fishing at Lake Davis, we are now offering a "Fall Outing" September 20th - 22nd of 2013 due to the overwhelming demand and positive feedback from both groups! Spots are limited so please contact Rob Anderson of Reno Fly Fishing Outfitters or myself at Baiocchi's Troutfitters to sign up and lock your date in. If you can't make it we will be offering more outings at Lake Davis in 2014 where you too can experience a great time and learn the right information to approach any western still water with great success!

I leave you with a few more images from our special time on the water, take a minute and imagine yourself here surrounded by the dense aquatic hatches and the great fishing that Lake Davis is known for. It's time to experience the magic!

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