Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Monday, January 27, 2014

Yuba Ramblings....

Last Friday I was able to get out and share the Lower Yuba with my guest and fellow Italian brother Mario and his father in law Dave. It was an amazing day, not catching wise, but one of the biggest Skwala hatches I've ever seen and the air temps were way to warm; talk about sweating up a storm! The fish were never really looking up in big numbers that day. I played the "dry fly snob" game and missed one nice fish on a Quigley's hackle stacker (pinkie version). On days like this, it goes down better if you can appreciate a good hatch, zero angling pressure (not one boat), and great company with good dudes. It was awesome!

Current observations for the Lower Yuba included; tons of salmon smolts in the system, good hatches and early arrivals of March browns, and one confirmed sighting of a golden stone adult. PMD's, and the fish were favoring them that day. Low flows, so low that holding water that was taken for granted is gone (adjust your location). Tons of black bodied and creme headed midges pupa #18-20 in the drift are abundant. Really clear water, we need some tint (come on rain!)

I've been extremely busy setting up the new year with trips, presentations, clinics, and outings - something had to give, and it did. Starting tomorrow I'm off on Jimmy's annual "Most Excellent Superbowl Trout Tour". This year we are ditching the skis and boards since the conditions are not soft and deep as we like it. Featured waters include the Lower Yuba, Pyramid Lake, and the big Truckee. Fish or no fish I'm going to have a blast not being held hostage by my office and computer! I'll give you a full report when the mayhem has come to an end. 

The gate is getting ready to drop and I'm ready to grab a handful of throttle and pin it! Later!

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