Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Truckee River Fishing Report 5/3/2017

Gigantic flows are still the norm on the Truckee River and with this brief heat wave they will increase even more. The flows at Glenshire are at 2,900 cubes, and down in the canyon they are at 5,500 cfs. You’ll see minor spikes with water levels in the late afternoon into the evening from the melting snowpack. Water temps are 46 to 48 degrees. Fishing pressure has been moderate, rafters and kayakers are floating down in big numbers on the weekends. Some days have been very productive while others have been slow with no rhyme or reason. 

Finding the slow and deep zones next to the bank is still the only option. There is really no need to wade off the bank, besides it’s a safety issue now. A guide friend lost his footing yesterday and went into the drink, he could not touch bottom, and the cold water took his breath away. He managed to save his rod and more importantly, his life. Wearing an inflatable PFD is not a bad idea, especially for those who are less mobile.

We are losing lots of flies due to all the new woody debris that is in the system. The regular high water flies are still producing with an emphasis on worms and stones. We’ve been picking up a few fish on flashback pheasant tails as there are a few March browns hatching. The girth on the resident wild trout is amazing, even the smaller fish have full protruding bellies. They are eating quite well. Whether you are tight lining or using an indo, setting the hook quickly will help you avoid getting snagged up. I recommend you set the hook often when you feel any resistance while tight lining, and for those indicator rigs, set on every little movement the bobber makes. Don’t just wait for it to go totally under the surface of the water. 

A weak storm system will roll into this weekend with a 60% chance of showers on Saturday, and rain/snow likely into the night, with a chance of rain/snow on Sunday. Air temperatures will be much cooler. I will be guiding exclusively at Lake Davis and Frenchman’s reservoir in the weeks to come. We are still waiting for the Forest Service to plow the Honker Cove boat ramp and parking lot. Fishing the stillwaters will be important in the northern Sierra until the runoff tapers off, which could be in a month or so, lots of snow to still melt at the higher elevations. If you’re interested in a stillwater trip, I’m only a phone call or an email away. 530.228.0487 / Be safe out there!  

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