Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Frenchman's Lake Fly Fishing Report 10/19/2017

Much better weather in the last week with glassy conditions has allowed for some incredible sight fishing opportunities. There are many more fish in the northern part of the lake and it seems much of the population is ganged up there. Most of the trout are in the upper water column with many of them right on the bank in skinny water, you’ll also find the rainbows in deeper open water rising in the middle of the day. Areas with flats and weeds are the most productive when fishing the shoreline. 

Water temps are 52 to 54. Light hatches of blood midges, a much smaller creamy midge, and a few callibaetis are out. Shorter leaders and heavier tippets will work now as the trout are on the fall grab, their greed in fattening up for winter is their downfall, and an advantage for fly anglers looking for a bent rod. Big buggers and wiggle tails in fiery brown and rust, sheep creek specials, Hare’s Ears, and Flashback Pheasant tails have been the most productive. 

Mornings have been really cold, but as of late the days are nice and warm if the north wind does not howl. I would rate the fishing as damn good, and if you want a great stillwater experience, you better get up to the lake as soon as possible

I did another video shoot with Greg Stevens of Photoflight Productions at Frenchman's lake for a upcoming promotional piece for my website. Greg and his assistant, Greg Garrison, do some amazing work! Check out Greg's website at I highly recommend Photoflight Productions and would encourage you to hire them out for any drone work, mapping, or other related needs.

See you on the water...

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