Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Voluntary Hoot Owl Closure ~ Truckee River

The warmest July on record for the Tahoe basin has been all that, and we still have a ways to go before the weather cools. Surface temperatures for Lake Tahoe during last year was 68.4 degrees, a rise in 6 degrees from the previous year. Not sure what the lake's current temps are, but I bet it's near those numbers of last year, or greater. On July 14th I recorded the Truckee River water temp at 64 degrees at 10am in the Glenshire section, yesterday a colleague of mine recorded 66 degrees at 10:30am in the same area. It's time for a voluntary "Hoot Owl" closure on the Truckee River for the livelihood of wild trout within the system. You can do your part by doing the following:

  • Carry a thermometer and take readings on the hour
  • Fish at first light until 11am
  • Use bigger tippet sizes to fight fish more quickly for a safer release
  • Stop fishing when water temperatures reach 67 degrees or higher
  • Educate other anglers on water temperature etiquette

With hot water temps, there are other alternatives when it comes to fishing for trout. Fish the high alpine lakes, tailwaters that provide cold water, rivers that are spring fed, or have numerous cold inflows of feeder creeks. Your actions dictate the future of wild trout in the Truckee River.

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