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Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Squirmy Worm Hack Trick

While tying flies at the International Sportsman's Expo last Friday I learned a really cool and innovative trick from one of the tiers. In the past I first tied the squirmy worms at the vice with thread. It was difficult at times and the material would rot off the hook when exposed to UV rays while fishing, and even sitting in my nymph box.  Then I just tied an overhand knot on the back a bare hook, wrapped the body, then another knot at the eye of the hook - and only a small number of them for a few trips.

If you check out the above picture, this pattern requires zero thread, not even a vice. The secret is a small piece of clear tubing from a hobby store, it holds the squirmy worm material, and a hook. You can carry all of the materials with you and create them on sight. Here is how you rig it.

1. Take a foot long piece of 25 pound mono, double it in half and put the two ends through the tubing, pull it down until you have a small loop at the opposite end. 

2. Insert the squirmy worm material and hold it with you right hand, while the left hand pulls the mono tag ends. Stretch the material as it enters the tubing and keep pulling the mono until the Squirmy worm comes out the other end.

3. Stretch the worm material so it is thin and move the tubing to your desired location.

4. Insert a #14 TMC 2457 hook by the point and slide it into place. That's it!

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