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Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

BUFF Product Review ~ Fly Fishing Gear

Decades ago when I was a younger man, mountaineering and snowboarding were my main two passports to an adventurous life. I can remember ordering a balaclava from an REI catalog, you know, the black all-in-one model. It was a god send on those stormy pushes to the summit, and a welcomed companion protecting my face with knee deep powder face shots. I never gave it much thought back then to protecting myself from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Now that I'm on the water 200+ days a year, protection from all the elements is a must. A buff is just a buff right? Not entirely. When BUFF USA sent me my first package to test and wear, I noticed small differences in both the manufacturing process, designs, and the awesome prints they came in. I'm huge on details, so I can really appreciate the little differences that make for a top shelf quality product.

As a company, BUFF USA produces the original multifuncitional headwear, and so much more. Besides buffs they make headbands, arm sleeves, gloves, hoodies, hats, beanies, finger guards, balaclavas, scarves, masks, neck warmers, arm warmers, and even buffs for your dog! (preferably a Queensland Heeler) Plus there are different materials or versions with each product like CoolNet UV+, Insect Shield, Merino Wool, ThermoNet, DryFlx, and Polar Fleece. You could literally spend hours on their website choosing all the different available options that are made specifically for the activity you desire, and the harshest conditions that you will endure. That's next level right there.

The Derek DeYoung signature series of products are Cat Toy's and my favorites. Whether he’s fly fishing in Montana, Alaska or the Florida Keys, renowned contemporary artist Derek DeYoung captures the beauty of his adventures in his rich, colorful and sought after paintings. He captures all the intricacies that all fish possess; their scales, patterns, dimension and texture. Derek's art really inspires me to get out on the water, fish,and experience everything that comes with that.

The colors of Derek's design really "pop" and make for better images like this photo shoot on the Yampa River in Colorado this past December. 

From UV arm sleeves to protect you from the sun...

To the Pro Series Angler 3 gloves complete with Tarpon scales that protect you hands while fishing all types of water, or rowing a drift boat.

To much flash or color for you stealthy ninja trout warriors? Derek has you covered with more subtle earth tones to mask your way closer to selective and shy skinny water eaters next to the bank.

The finger guards are really cool for those of us that strip flies all day long in the salt, or some of the more high alkaline lakes in Northern California like Eagle Lake, or Pyramid Lake in Western Nevada. Brackish water will ruin your hands, fly lines, and anything else it has constant contact with. You won't get the blood laden "groove" in your finger with this on. it's a must have...

I'm really stoked on the merino wool series of products. I'm currently running the buff which I have used numerous times on the Lower Yuba River lately when the fog from the Greater Central Valley creeps upstream. Its warmth that it provides makes a significant difference in being more comfortable. It's also an essential part of my gear when snowboarding. Merino Wool is a soft, warm, wind-resistant, and lightweight layer made with 100% Merino wool. It features the natural moisture management and odor control properties outdoor enthusiasts love about wool.

Just another Trucker Hat, right? Not really. Right out of the box this hat is one of the most comfortable hats I've ever worn. Not sure why, but it is, and it does not become bothersome wearing it all day long. A.D. Maddox is another artist that is featured by BUFF USA on many different products. Raised in an environment that encouraged artistic thought, A.D. Maddox has been painting for as long as she can remember. After traveling extensively through her 20s, she began her professional career in Wyoming, painting trout. Fascinated by the vibrant colors and unique beauty of fish, Maddox develops each piece of art through her signature layering technique. In her own words - “Trout are chameleon-like, constantly changing color in and out of water. They represent an intriguing and beautiful color palette, and incorporating the water is an artistic challenge.” I love her work!

I'm really hard on gear and out in the field more than I am under a roof of a house. It's just my life. I've blown up more products from everyday use than a career terrorist, and it's a shame that more fly fishing companies do not tap into my knowledge on research and design to make a better product for the general public, like the snowboard industry did in the past. So far, BUFF USA products have withstood my wrath. Nothing has torn or faded yet, and even stuffing wet buffs in a pocket for a few days has yet to see any nasty mildew experiments. Their buffs are simple, effective and infinitely adaptable, and at its core is a moisture-managing microfiber fabric that is wind resistant and able to control odor. Guide tested...Baiocchi's Troutfitters approved. 

If you do a guide trip, participate in a tour, or a workshop with me and you want to try some products out, just let me know. I think you will be pleased. Check out the 2020 line of products, I'm pretty stoked on them!  

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