Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Togens Fly Shop ~ Custom Hooks & Beads



I'd like to announce my partnership with Togens Fly Shop in using their hooks and beads exclusively for my guide service, and myself. I'm super stoked to have this opportunity as Togens makes some really cool and innovative products for creating custom flies. They offer many different bends and styles of hooks like the 3 times heavy scud hooks in sizes 18 and 20 - Those are really hard to find! They've also just added a 60 degree jig style hook for Euro Nymphing flies as well.

Check out their hook comparison chart here:

Togens beads are very unique with custom colors in both brass and tungsten. Like the black nickel bead with a front white section to it - perfect for chironomid patterns for Lake Davis, and Frenchman Lake. Check out their bead selection including slotted tungsten beads for their jig hooks here:

If you order from Togens, use the code TOGEN10 and mention "Baiocchi's Troutfitters" to receive 10% off your orders, plus it helps to let them know you heard about Togens from my blog and social media feeds.

In the coming months look for reviews on particular hooks and beads on my blog. Special thanks to Togens team member Cat Toy of Fly Fishing with Cat Toy for introducing the Togens line with me, and to Justin Lopatriello for making this deal happen! 

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