Winter Edition

Winter Edition
Winter Edition

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tying The Parachute Midge Emerger

The PME was developed by long time guides Gary Willmott and Scott Sanchez on the upper Snake River.  The fly was born out of necessity from large trout that gave their usual flies a peek and a "I don't think so..... Dude!" response.  I have had great success with this fly locally at Lake Davis and the Lakes Basin area, and it shined in Colorado on the head waters of the South Platte River for brookies, and Tomahawk Lake for Greenback Cutthroats!  It's a simple tie and holds up well.  For Lake Davis in late spring and summer I tie a #18 in lime green after the little green midge and get great results.  Jack Dennis's book "Tying Flies With Jack Dennis and Friends" shows complete "how to" instructions for this fly plus so many more deadly patterns - 

Fishing tips; Use a slip knot when you tie it on, so that the rear of the fly hangs down like a natural emerger does.  Apply floatant to only the wing and hackle, and not the body.  When it come to midging it's a hard game and the PME will get the job done, check it out!


-Tiemco 101 dry fly hook straight eye #16-22.
-Black 0/8 thread or color to match natural.
-Body: Black, Gray, Red, Olive, and Lime Green.
-Ribbing: Pearl Krystal Flash, Red, Peacock, and Root Beer work well also.
-Wing: White poly.
-Hackle: Grizzly or dun hackle feather or color to match natural.

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